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Reasons to give to hospice store

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webmaster | 03/12/12

Spring cleaning can have a much bigger meaning to it than just feeling good about getting the house nice and fresh and orderly for the season. Those items that have been sitting around and no one has used, since you don’t know when, can actually allow an individual to be able to stay in their own home for the final days of their life. Give those items that no one uses any more, or no one sees, some real meaning. If it feels like possessions are weighing you down, put them to use, good use.

The Hinds Hospice thrift store at 721 S. Gateway Drive would love to be able to take those items and turn them into care for a terminally ill individual. With your help, our store has been doing this since 1997. We look forward to continuing for as long as everyone is willing to help. So keep it up. Thank you.

Carol Breit, volunteer,

Didn’t like vote by Rep. Denham

I am appalled that my representative, Jeff Denham, voted for big oil.

Shame on him!

I maintain my home property as a wildlife refuge and enjoy the benefits of such a place. The birds, mammals, reptiles and insects that populate my small acreage give my family and my visitors much pleasure with their antics and beauty. I only wish that he would realize what he has done.

I will never vote for him, ever, or anyone who maintains such a stance against our endangered wild places.

Mary Joyce,

Likes thoughts about Romney

I appreciate the thoughts about Mitt Romney on the Opinion page March 9.

My emotions take over when I see what the media are doing to him, therefore better you than me defend him.

No matter how many times he wins, someone finds “excuses” for him doing so.

I remember reading a book about Lee Iacocca, who saved Chrysler many years ago. At the time, that action was lauded for Iacocca’s brilliance when he managed to get employees to take a lesser wage, and whatever else he did to keep the company running. Does not that apply to Mr. Romney and his expertise in helping failing companies survive?

As I understand it, Mitt Romney gave away his inheritance, and whatever his gain now is because he worked very hard in building a life of success.

Audrey E. Pool,

Suggestions for directing prayers

May we pray on behalf of our nation’s president, leaders, judges, military, and allies?

May we pray that God protects our nation, allies, and military people from harm?

May we pray for national repentance from abortion, homosexuality, addictions, and corruption?

May we pray that God causes America to turn to Him so the sins of our nation may be forgiven?

Nevertheless, mercy or judgment be done, according to His purpose and timing.

May we pray that we be spiritually, mentally, and emotionally prepared for whatever will be?

Katherine Atilano,


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