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Readers lament peril to Sno-White

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webmaster | 02/18/14

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  • A caller responded to columnist Leon Emo’s musings (Feb. 12) about Sno-White Drive-in’s possible demise, which was reportedly approved by the local planning commission. “Well, the good old boys that are on the city council, they probably own all the buildings downtown,” she said, “and they don’t care what goes in down there. As long as they get their rent, they don’t care what color it is or what kind of stores at all.”
  • A man reacted to the same news. “I’m calling to see if Maderans are going to get together and stop this nonsense of tearing down our landmarks. We tore one down already that we truly regret. Let’s not have another one. We need to stop this nonsense of knocking down our old buildings.”
  • An online reader commented as well. “The demolition of this landmark is a shame,” he wrote. “I preferred this drive-in to the Big Top because it was on the east side of Yosemite Avenue. Their double chili cheeseburgers were the best.”
  • A male caller expressed skepticism upon reading Bill Coate’s article (Feb. 13) on Madera Unified School District’s consultation about a possible new bond to finance a new high school. “They talk about the number of students that have gone up. Are those students all legal here in this country? How many white folk have moved here? ... And then they want to hire a financial assistant to help figure out how to run a campaign for the bond? Give me a break. I mean, they can’t even deal with the teachers and their salaries but yet they got to build new high schools, new elementary schools? Get rid of some of these illegal people around here. I’m tired of paying their way ... They need to be taken out of here and put back where they came from.”
  • A woman wasn’t amused with Mark Smith’s first-person account about covering President Barack Obama’s San Joaquin Valley stopover Friday. “I wanted to say that was a very corny and biased report ... in today’s Madera Tribune about President Obama’s visit to the Valley.”
  • Another lady felt dissatisfied for a different reason. “How can the president of the United States give Jordan more money than he gives his own country and California, one of the 50 states? He gave more money to Jordan than he did to farmers and water in California. If there’s an explanation, we’d sure like to hear it. But we know there’s not.”
  • A female caller had traffic safety concerns. “That intersection going towards the signal on Foxglove (Way) and Schnoor (Avenue) … is obstructed by long, dry weeds and it’s a dangerous, dangerous intersection. You can’t tell if the street is clear or not because there’s a lot of tall, dry weeds obstructing the view.”
  • Another one had a question for local city authorities. “I was just wondering, if they’re going to allow people to live in the river at Tozer (Street) and Raymond Road, why don’t they make them at least clean up their garbage? It’s really getting disgusting looking in there and I’d hate for anyone from out of town to drive by and see it.”
  • A man with democracy on his mind had a question for the Tribune’s publisher. “I was wondering if editor (Chuck) Doud could let us know who’s the representative in the House for us in Washington from the city of Madera, and also who is the California state senator for Madera?” (Madera is represented by Congressman Jim Costa, D-Fresno, in the House of Representatives and in state government by Sen. Anthony Cannella, R-Ceres, and Assemblyman Frank Bigelow, R-O’Neals.)
  • A Facebook fan of the newspaper suggested, “It would be helpful if you would post links (on Facebook) to all of the articles, and not just some of them, and even more helpful if the links were to the full article, not just the first parts.” (Copy editor’s note: Much as we’d like to oblige, we rely on subscriptions and printed advertising to support our work. But readers may subscribe to our premium online edition if desired.)
  • Also on Facebook, one of the winners of our Run With a Reporter offer for Run or Dye 5K wrote, “Thank you! I’m excited to participate.”

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