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Readers call in about wasting water

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webmaster | 01/28/14

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  • A woman responded to an accusation in the Red Line on Jan. 28 regarding wasting water. “I feel I need to add a comment about the water east of Schnoor (Street) running in gutters,” she said. “I live on a corner in the area and get everyone’s water accumulated in front of and to the side of my house. Believe me it is not my water. We’ve stopped our sprinklers to one to two days a week. I get everyone else’s water running in my gutters so please don’t blame me.”


  • A male caller complained about fair weather football fans. “I’m appalled…” he said. “All around our town during the week and during the game a whole bunch of fans are wearing jerseys ... but after they got their butts kicked by the Seahawks there wasn’t a single 49er around the next day. No flags. Nothing. For 49er fans, it’s too bad but you guys aren’t really fans. You don’t really stick with your team. Like I said, the day before, flags all over, but after the game with the Hawks, not one little flag. To me that’s not being very loyal. And for me, as a Raider, do or die, if we win or lose I’ll wear my jacket or my hat, whatever, and I stick with them.”


  • A lady called about inadequate lighting at an older shopping center in northern Madera. “My daughters and I went there the other night and the police had just pulled up because some people were shoplifting ... And I think it’s just sad that there’s not enough lighting out there,” she said. “So I think, shoppers, if you go out there make sure to take a flashlight with you to walk from your car to the store because it’s ... (extremely) dark there. I wish the city would put more lighting around there for the safety of everyone shopping in that shopping center. Thank you.”


  • An online reader commented on an article about a lawsuit against the state’s high-speed rail project. “The voters never signed on for this,” he wrote. “A $68 billion price tag? The proponents of this project, and most other ‘eco-friendly urban living’ plans, just want to force their vision on the taxpayers. And they aren’t above lying and exaggerating to get the job done. I can’t wait to see what the low-to-middle income housing units will look like ... you know, future slums.”


  • Another Internet visitor reacted to an article on the sentencing of Maderan Patrick Lozano, who was convicted for being an accessory after the fact of the murder of Gerald Fontes of Madera. “They deserve more than four years for what they did to the big G. They deserve life in prison.”


  • A Facebook fan of The Madera Tribune shared an online statement about an accident at the intersection of state routes 152 and 99 on Jan. 20, the collision of an SUV and a semi truck that killed 62-year-old Sara Marie Adame of Madera and moderately injured her passenger 58-year-old Josephine Amaro of Madera: “This is what happened. My mom and her friend Jojo were driving back from Merced. A newer model white van moved lanes but did not see them ... It bumped them and caused my mom to lose control of the vehicle. Then a big rig and my mom’s car hit each other and my mom’s car went off the road and hit a tree.” The person requested information on the van, which was southbound on SR 99, if anyone recognized it.


  • Another online reader had this to say about the delta smelt: “This is to last week’s caller who spoke of saying goodbye to the delta smelt, salmon and Gov. Brown. What’s wrong with you? You said something about Gov. Brown being God? Well someone needs to watch out for God’s creatures before we lose more species to your agricultural pesticides, fungicides, and overexploitation of their habitats. The delta is already polluted with these lethal toxins which hurt more than just the smelt. I read where a farmer said the delta smelt are of no value. They’re not edible and they have no commercial value. He said that certain species reach a natural evolutionary dead end. So now who’s playing God? I’m sure with all the pollutants in the delta’s water that in a few years all the animals that threaten you farmers will be extinct so your edibles will have that commercial value you all need. We all need to do our part to conserve water, that’s true. But we can’t freak-out about it and do away with these little fish that are only found here. Once they’re gone from the delta they’re gone forever! If we’re an evolved, intelligent, and adaptable species that folds when there’s a hard season, then I guess we’re at our evolutionary dead end too!"


  • Another online reader wrote about wasting of water: "While visiting a local home improvement center, I was floored at the senseless waste of water in the nursery department. Two employees were washing away leaves with so much water that it was pooling up everywhere. They seemed oblivious to my concerns, like it was no big deal. Management needs to change how they clean up the nursery. I am sure they know where to get a leaf blower. It is time everyone cuts out the unnecessary use of water. We are on a well, and they’re wasting water — unreal. BTW, there are a lot of fast-food restaurants that waste water every day of the week."


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