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Reader offers idea for healthcare fix

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webmaster | 11/27/13

Someone needs to check the grades of our president. I bet he failed in college for economics.

To make a better healthcare plan all he had to do is enact a law that no doctors or hospitals could be sued.

This is a large cost burden on both medical fields. I’m guessing must be 40-50 percent of their cost of malpractice. There is a state agency in Sacramento to police doctors and hospitals that are inept. All we have to do is kick a few butts to make them earn their wages; plus make them immune to lawyers.

There is a doctor here in town that abuses medical insurance for what he charges for a medical procedure that was done, but was actually a tummy tuck, and was warned only by the medical insurance company.

These simple things alone would greatly reduce medical insurance for all.

Don Cook,


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