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Rattled about railroad repairs

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webmaster | 12/17/13

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  • This caller was frustrated by repairs on railroad tracks: “I’m just calling about the construction that Pacific Railroad decided they want to do on Howard Road and Pine St. during the holidays that made the people on Fourth St. prisoners. You can’t get in or out of your driveway, you can’t do nothing. The City of Madera is run by the railroad, not the people of Madera. It sucks. It’s bad.”
  • Another caller who doesn’t love the railroad work: “I would like to know who I contact whose bright idea it was to close Howard and Pine because now I can’t even get into my house. I can’t walk across the street, the traffic is so bad I can’t even do anything or go anywhere. I’m very upset about this. I don’t know if the railroad is running the show or who it is. Please give me a number. Thank you.”
  • A man visiting a Madera friend: “I just wanted to call and let somebody there know there’s two dead dogs outside the Social Services Department that have been there for almost three days. It looks like they froze to death and their noses are touching together. At least they cared about each other when they were dying because nobody else in this town cares. I’ve called the police department, I’ve called animal services, I don’t know what else to do. I walked into social services and I told them about it and still they lay there dead. Maybe somebody at the paper cares enough to get somebody out there to clean these dogs up because you can see how much they loved each other. People need to know this is happening.”
  • Cross-country fan: “I’m an avid reader of the Madera Tribune, I’m also a longtime subscriber. I got my Tuesday paper and I was disappointed, in all the pages that are here there’s not one story about our kids from Madera South going to Oregon for the Nike Invitational that brings together the best teams in the United States. Our kids did extremely, extremely well considering the weather conditions. It was on the Internet, people got to see it by computer, you know, it was covered by major sports stations and stuff. If you go around the world, around the U.S., Boston, Chicago, Houston, go to any marathon and nobody knows basically (anyone) from Madera. But as soon as you say you’re from Madera and you’re among runners, they’ll ask if you’re from that town that has those runners that do really well. Everybody knows our cross-country team in the running community. Everybody does. I’ve run all over the U.S. in different major races and it makes me feel proud, it makes me feel great that I came under that system. With all the bad things we read about kids nowadays, there are kids trying to really establish a tradition in our city that we should all be proud of.” (Editor’s note: A story about the team’s state championship win ran Dec. 3 at the top of the front page with story and photo coverage inside on the Sports Page. A photo of the team at the Nike Invitational in Portland, Ore., ran in the Dec. 11 edition after the Stallions placed 16th.)
  • Another cross-country fan: “I’m curious as to why in the Monday paper you didn’t have anything about the Madera South cross-country team. They’re one of the elite teams in the nation, they were invited to Portland, Ore., to participate in a Nike run. We had nothing in there but Liberty High, Madera High, and Madera South High basketball, Liberty football. I do believe that the Madera South cross-country team deserved some paper. And I know the Fresno Bee thought it was noteworthy because they published about them on Sunday. Why can’t the local paper do the same and give them the respect they deserve? Thank you.” (See editor’s note in previous item.)
  • Car wash gets his goat: “Those people that had the car wash at 6th St. and Gateway Dr. were gone for three or four weeks, but now they’re back again obstructing traffic and driveways.”
  • From a female fan of Leon Emo: “Miss you, Leon, Madera scribe; God bless you and make you strong. Our prayers are for your speedy recovery. Missing ‘Mo’s Musings’. God bless.”
  • From another Emo fan: “Our wish this Christmas will be that Leon Emo will be home healthy and his family back together again. All our prayers and wishes are with you. Leon, get better soon. We miss you.”
  • (Editor’s note about above two items: Madera Tribune columnist and reporter Leon Emo remains hospitalized, but improving. When he returns to his computer, he no doubt will spin a yarn or two about his medical adventure.)
  • No friend of Edward Snowden: “Is there any way we could entice Edward Snowden back to the U.S.? Did he have a girlfriend? We need him back here to be put in front of a firing squad where he belongs. But I’ll bet he’s such a pervert and creep he probably didn’t even have a girlfriend. Thank you.” (Editor’s note: You lose the bet.)

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