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Question about norovirus is answered

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webmaster | 04/10/12

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  • “This is about the high-speed rail joke,” began a man. “It won’t do Madera any good for one thing. It won’t stop here for one thing. You’ll have to drive to either Fresno or Merced to get on it. That is, if you can afford to ride it.”
  • A woman said she “was so tired of hearing about dollar stores. We need actual stores in this town, not more dollar stores. I have to go Fresno to buy a dress, all the way to Fresno.”
  • “Hello Red Line,” began a woman who gave her first name. “I’m once again complaining about Melba Drive out in these country streets so full of potholes that you have to play dodge ball through them. Please fix that street. We beg of you.”
  • A man had a similar comment. “Those potholes on Melba are pretty dangerous.”
  • A woman wanted to know, after “calling the Red Line again, does anyone ever do anything about the comments or complaints in the Red Line? I called about the RV parking in the Walmart center by Pac-N-Save, and those trailers are still there. Also, on Valley Way, the street is like a freeway. I complained to the police department about that, but nobody does anything about it. Somebody’s going to get hit. I think the Red Line is fine, but we should get some response on some of this stuff.”
  • “There must have been a thousand people entering the Catholic church,” said a woman. “We asked the Lord to bless us and take care of all of us, amen.”
  • A woman wanted to know “why the Tribune doesn’t have any information about the outbreak of intestinal virus at some of the convalescent homes. It is not necessary to print it in such a way to start a panic. In fact, some of us have relatives in nursing homes that are panicked because we can’t get any information.” (Editor’s note: A story on the norovirus was published in the April 7 issue on Page A1.)
  • After the story appeared the lady took the time to call and “thank the Tribune for the article on the Norovirus. I knew you guys could put it in a way that wasn’t frightening. I really appreciate this. I’m 82 and my husband is 83 and it’s hard not being able to get around and not knowing things. I appreciate your paper so much. Thank you.”
  • A man called “in hopes that someone would go out on Avenue 28 that goes to the old Air Force Station. There’s a little black dog that has been there for about a week. Somebody dumped him off out there. I bring him food and water. Why didn’t they just give the puppy to someone or take him to the shelter. He won’t let me get close. He’s scared. It’s a shame somebody left him out there to starve to death.”
  • A woman “really enjoyed (columnist Leon) Emo’s story on his days in San Francisco. I wish I would have been born earlier so I could have the same memories. There was good music, things to fight and protest for, and to live for. I can hardly wait for the next story.”
  • But another woman said, “how dare you print Emo’s drug-filled story? Sounds like he was just a bum on the streets back then. A no-good, a nobody.”
  • A lady “could not believe what she read in the Madera quarterly coupon magazine. You can groom a dog with food stamps and Medicare won’t even pay for my damn glasses. There’s something wrong with this picture.”
  • A man wanted “to thank Michael Pistoresi and Jon Barsotti for their letters to the editor. These are the kind of people we need to run this town. People who are sincere and honest.”

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