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Proposed gun insurance is one bad idea

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webmaster | 02/11/13

I learned today of AB231 from two Democrat legislators that want to force all gun owners to buy liability insurance. I am 100 percent opposed to such a scheme. It is just another way to take money from law-abiding citizens because non-law-abiding citizens will not pay that insurance.

Who would collect the insurance, and how would that money be used? If the gun owner cannot afford to pay, which I am sure won’t be cheap, then the government will want to seize that person’s gun.

Tyranny such as this is how revolutions get started. Hitler got his citizens to turn in their guns so they were left unprotected.

I have used guns since I was a kid with a BB gun. I then carried a rifle and hunted with my dad. I carried a .45 pistol as a Marine and carried a sidearm for 29 years as a law enforcement officer. Do you really believe criminals, gang bangers and mentally deranged people will buy insurance? No, they would not.

What if someone stole your gun and used it? Would the owner be liable?

This is one bad idea. California is already an expensive state in which to live, in fact, there are some states talking of doing away with their income tax but California instead increases our taxes, and some people move out of state because of it. I think the two legislators, Ting and Gomez, should seriously reconsider being in politics.

This proposed insurance is completely unnecessary and I would ask Gov. Jerry Brown to veto AB231 if it reaches his desk.

Frank Bradford,


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