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Pondering trickle-down redistribution

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webmaster | 01/09/14

In 2008, presidential candidate Barack Obama famously told “Joe the Plumber” he should be willing to have the government “spread the wealth around, (because) it’s good for everybody.” Conservatives warned in vein that this comment exposed the candidate’s intentions to use federal power to classify Americans into different groups and redistribute wealth among them. Chief among the president’s “achievements” has been the Affordable Care Act (ACA), a program conceived by progressive ideologues of one party, written in secrecy, sold though deception, and enacted through a combination of parliamentary sleight-of-hand and brute political force.

At an abstract level one must admire the success of the administration’s first term political agenda. It divided our nation into fractious groups and brilliantly convinced most Americans that the “new normal” of perpetually high unemployment, low economic growth, lowered median incomes, and greater government dependency were the result of Bush economic policies or any factor other than the Obama’s broad progressive initiatives to fundamentally re-invent the American economic model.

How else in 2012 could his marketing team have sold Obama and his program for four more years in the face of clear evidence of economic decline, not to mention foreign policy ineptitude?

With unchallenged control of two branches of government for two years and of both the Senate and the executive branch for two more, this administration has had its way with few exceptions until now. Within the last few months, however, many Americans have finally begun to awaken from a long political slumber.

Ordinary people, who had swallowed the deceptive narrative spoon fed to them by left-leaning media outlets, have finally been shocked by torrents of bad news about the ACA. Unlike the ubiquitous but largely invisible surge in needless government regulations quietly poisoning our economy, Obamacare is an inescapable, in-your-face, drill sergeant who demands your undivided personal attention. Whether you are one of over 5 million people who has already lost your individual medical insurance or part of the nearly 100 million facing changes in 2014 when the employer mandate takes full effect, the ACA will get your attention.

If you are like most Americans, who have a job, and see yourself neither as a member of the upper class nor of a protected class, especially if you are young, you will likely find that your medical insurance costs and deductibles have dramatically increased. If you are one of those who will pay such increased costs or one who simply decides not to pay until the IRS sends you a letter or knocks at your door, you will get the first of perhaps many unwelcome first hand lessons on how “spreading the wealth around” has predictably trickled down to you personally.

On the bright side, if you are one who voted to re-elect this president, you will be comforted to know that these higher costs and new restrictions on your medical care choices will be for a worthy cause. After all, you will be funding the inexorable growth of the HHS so that bureaucrats can better funnel your monthly premiums that include new medical taxes, through the collaborating insurance companies and redistribute them largely to the crony medical corporations and hospitals, who will more often receive payments for services rendered to the “poor,” which these providers had heretofore provided for free. What? You expected cronies to do all this out of the goodness of their hearts?

Christopher Green,


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