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Is Paul Ryan qualified to be veep?

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webmaster | 09/05/12

The Republican conventioneers said President Obama never had a job and never ran a company. Has Romney ever really checked out Paul Ryan?

Ryan graduated from Miami University in Ohio. That’s it. (As an aside — how does Miami University end up in Ohio?) Ryan probably got a degree in political science. His best read was Russian writer Ayn Rand. Then he worked as a legislative aide for a year, while he was campaigning for himself and got elected to Congress at age 22.

Paul Ryan has no education or life experiences to qualify him to hold the second highest office in the United States. Ryan never volunteered to serve in the military. Mitt Romney only had to make one decision and he chose the wrong person as a running mate ... another Sarah Palin.

Of all those Republicans Romney could have chosen, is Paul Ryan really the best person Romney could find? If you cannot choose a qualified running mate out of hundreds of thousands of Republicans, you are not fit to make decisions on important national issues.

No wonder the Republican senators are talking about a good rape vs. a bad rape and how a woman’s body can fight off rape sperm better than non-rape sperm and avoid pregnancy if raped good. I missed that rape information in medical school ... I guess it is something they teach in Congress.

Hey, I love you women! — to quote Mrs. Romney. It’s funny how no one wanted to mention Mitt Romney’s name at the convention. Romney said he wants to lead like President James Polk. Having Polk as your role model is as weird as ... well almost everything else that came out of the Republican convention.

Also, someone needs to inform the Republican convention speakers that our farmers have developed great export contracts over the past year and our farm goods are selling well abroad.

Loraine Goodwin, MD, JD,


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