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Parents should take better care of kids

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webmaster | 07/20/12

In recent weeks I have seen with concern articles in The Madera Tribune and on the television regarding children ingesting a new cleaning product (Tide pods) that looks like candy. Children do what children do — they explore. They roam their little fiefdoms and put everything in their mouth. This is the way toddlers identify some things — living and dead, sweet and sour, pleasurable and painful. Children do what children do. Where are the parents who are supposed to children-proof the area in which these innocent immortals dwell?

Children also put things into their mouths when they are hungry. The fact that they are putting Tide pods into their mouths at the rate of 10 incidents a day across California might also indicate children are hungry and looking for food.

We live in a region that suffers from poverty. Many children are hungry in their homes, which is all the more reason for parents to keep potentially harmful substances out of the reach of their children. Don’t leave bleach containers open. Put soap products up high.

An article reported 150 incidents of kids putting that beautiful new attractive soap product in their mouth. No more excuses. Now we have been informed. For the sake and well-being of our children, let’s pay more attention to the environment, domestic and exterior in which we place our children.

I sincerely believe that when a child gets hurt, painful as it is to recognize it, there was probably a parent or an adult nearby who was not properly supervising that child.

By the way, since I am on this topic of child safety, please help me in avoiding child injuries by telling parents who are unaware that their children need to sit in a shopping cart and not stand in it. If the child wants to stand, take the child out of the shopping cart and place them on the floor. Because children have heads that are disproportionally larger than other parts of their body at an early age (In Spanish we call them cabezones), they can lean over in a shopping cart and the weight of their head will pull them out of the cart. So, take the initiative, and remind parents whose minds are on something else to take their children out of the shopping cart or simply have the child sit down.

I feel like the “shopping cart police” when I am in Walmart, but children depend on adults to keep them safe.

Thanks to all of you. Have a great summer in beautiful Madera.

Brian Donald O’Donovan,


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