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Parents need to be more responsible

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webmaster | 10/01/13

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  • “Here I am again,” began a gentleman. “I’m responding to that man who complained about the high schools starting at 7:40. I would like to answer his question, ‘what will it take?’ It will take responsible parents to see that their young children get to school safely and on time. That responsibility belongs to them, not to the teenagers. The man also said it was ‘a ridiculous error the school board made.’ The ridiculous error is the parents giving the responsibility to a teenager.”
  • A man said, “I am sure glad Mr. Bill Coate is doing the history stories in the paper and the good story on the veterans. Even though I don’t live here anymore it is really nice coming into Madera and reading these sections. Mr. Coate, you’re the best.”
  • A woman said, “Now there is no Monday paper so on Tuesday we get three-day-old news. We’ve already seen it on TV. We’ve read about in the Fresno Bee, so what is the use of taking the paper if it is three-day-old news?”
  • “I haven’t got my paper since Monday,” began a lady. “I just want to know why. I already sent the payment.”
  • A man said, “Congratulations to the California Destroyers and their picture in the paper for winning the tournament. But I want the parents to know they have a coach who is a” (the terms used could be construed as libelous so will not be published).
  • A lady called “on Jon Barsotti’s comments and his letter to the editor on the 25th. I agree 100 percent as a Catholic. Those Catholics who voted for Obama the first time and this last time, that is not the true Catholicism and they really need to pray about what they’re doing.”
  • A woman said, “It is really sad that 45 years ago, when people were poorer than they are now, and we had the Old Timers Parade it was free to be in it, for whoever was in it the barbecue was free, and now people can’t even afford to be in the thing because of all these people that just want money, money, money. And it was on the same day as the fair. It should still be that way.”
  • Another lady said, “after bumping into people and the barricades in the 100 block of Yosemite (Avenue) during the parade it was nice to read in the paper that the hole in the sidewalk is finally going to be repaired. And it is nice to see local architect Ron Daggett doing the planning instead of some high-priced guy out of Fresno.”
  • A man said, “I really enjoyed the story and pictures by Leon Emo on the American Legion and honoring the vets from the VA hospital. What a great idea. I hope the Legion does it again.”
  • A woman asked, “why doesn’t this newspaper get high school volunteers to do spell check on their lost and found ads. In today’s (Friday’s) paper it says p-u-d-d-l-e, which of course is supposed to be poodle. Every single day there is spelling errors. I don’t understand that at all. Thank you. Have a great day.”
  • “Hi,” began a gentleman. “Will someone please tell (reporter) Mark Smith that in his article about marijuana that 500 pounds is not a half ton. That’s the headline anyway.”
  • A woman said, “Madera Classic Cars, you guys outdid yourselves tonight. There were 110 cars there. There was hardly any walking space. Everyone came out and we had a fantastic time. Thanks for the great entertainment and we hope to see you guys next year. Your car shows are outrageous and terrific. Thank you, Madera Classic Cars, for everything you do.”
  • A man said, “In (the) case of the Rim Fire it seems only fair that the bill and cost to fight the fire goes back to the Sierra Club. If (only) their ignorance and caterwauling wouldn’t have stopped timber cutting in the first place, which caused the collection of dead timber and trash not to be utilized.”
  • “I need to call at least once a month,” began a woman. “We are surrounded by Hispanics. Which isn’t bad, but do we have to listen to your music? You live in your neighborhood and everybody else has to listen to it. If you want to listen to your music, keep it in your backyard. Don’t share it with us.”
  • A woman responded to the caller last week “about Madera High getting a good football coach. It will never happen. The current athletic director tells his (head) coach who his coaching staff will be. If the coach doesn’t agree he doesn’t get the job. And this is not the only sport where this is going on.”

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