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Ought to write about more teachers

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webmaster | 06/11/13

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  • A man called “about the nice article in the paper about the retirement of Mrs. Seibert after only 14 years. You know there are other teachers who have taught there longer and in the past retired but you people never bothered to put anything about them. My wife was one of them. That’s really nice. How many more people is the Tribune going to overlook that have been there longer and done a whole lot more?”
  • A woman was “disgusted with the Madera Unified School District board. They are tearing Madera apart with their unwillingness to negotiate with the teachers. They certainly seem to have no heart for the children of Madera. Why is this board willing to pay out-of-town teachers $250 a day, yet unwilling to negotiate with teachers that have dedicated their life to the children. The teachers researched an insurance plan that would save the district over $1million a year, but they were told by the school board it did not fit their agenda.”
  • A man “wanted to know how much money (school board) trustee (Lynn) Cogdill has cost us with his investigation and mishandling of this. It’s probably over $100,000 and that would have saved some positions from being laid off from Madera Unified. Can you see if you can find out?”
  • “I’m calling about the Red Line of June 4,” began a woman. “I’m very concerned about the person who left the comment about the blame game and leaving Obama alone and blaming George Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld for all the problems. Who are we to blame for Obamacare? It has his name on it and they are trying to shut down the Catholic churches that have health care and everybody’s health care cost is going to go up.”
  • “I want to thank the Sunset (Waste) garbage collectors,” began a woman. “They’re doing a fantastic job. They empty the cans completely and bags aren’t flying all over the place. I also appreciate their (curbside) trash pickup. They did it so well.”
  • A lady wanted “to make a suggestion. Over there in Bethard Square, where the Asian Buffet used to be, maybe there should be something like Hometown Buffet or something like that so you get some different type of food around here.”
  • “It is Saturday morning, June 8, at 8:20,” began a lady who didn’t leave her name or phone number. “We have not got our Madera paper. The Tribune office is supposed to be open from 8-10 Saturdays according to their own page. Once again, no one answers the phone. This is why we cancelled the Fresno Bee and maybe we will be cancelling the Madera Tribune.” (Note: We apologize for not answering your call. Our phone lines were down Saturday through Monday morning, when the phone company was able to complete repairs. We probably missed some Red Line calls as well. Feel free to call again.

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