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Others for whom we should weep

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webmaster | 12/28/12

Americans and people all over the world openly shed tears for the 20 little Sandy Hook School children, their teachers and principal who were savagely killed in a place where they should have been safe ... their classrooms.

While this tragedy received worldwide attention, thousands of other children were being savagely ripped apart in their mother’s wombs, where they, too, should have been safe.

Although this happens every day, there is no media outcry or outrage.

It is “legal” for Planned Parenthood and abortionists to cruelly and painfully kill these most vulnerable little ones.

God sees how callous this nation has become, and will surely see that those who kill his precious little angels receive just punishments.

A baby is not a “part” of its mother’s body, it is a separate human being who deserves to be protected.

Why is it “legal” for a woman to pay an abortionist to kill her baby up to a minute before it is born, but it is murder the minute after it is born? Nothing is more illogical or wrong. A human life is destroyed in both cases.

When will the killing end? The unborn babies cannot defend themselves and have no legal rights.

Criminals have lawyers, trials and endless appeals while innocent children are disposed of like they are trash. One day each of us will have to answer for what we have done or failed to do. May God have mercy.

John C. Fuchs, Jr.,


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