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Nonprofits are after handouts

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webmaster | 09/25/13

How many nonprofits are there? Mondays mail brought a full box. Envelopes folded over. Easter Seals, Boys Town, St. Jude, Elks Foundation (twice), Wycliff Bible Translators, Shiloh Children’s fund, Rand Paul. Everybody looking for a handout. Do these nonprofits get a mailing discount? If so, that’s another subsidy we have to pay.

We are already paying for housing, cell phones, food, electricity, regular phones and welfare. Full rides for prisoners and elected officials. Pay and benefits for government employees. Fees and permits if we want to do something. Gas tax, sales tax, income tax. Recycling fees. Disposal fees. County tax. Irrigation tax. Standby fees.

Dog license, but cats are free? Dogs crap in your yard and you can see it. Damn cats bury it in your roses and you find it when you’re Hula Hoeing.

It says on the Statue of Liberty “Send us your down trodden” Where do I go?

Bill Hoffrage,


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