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Nice to see Mr. Critic is gone

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webmaster | 10/29/13

All comments are edited for length and content. Because of content and space limitations some comments may not be published. More than one comment from the same person in the same week will normally not be published. If your message contains profanity it will not be used. Please keep your calls to two minutes or less.

  • A man “wanted to know why the mosquitoes are so bad over here by Double Tree (Way) and Paintbrush (Drive). You can’t even go outside in the evening to sit. They drive you back in the house.”
  • A very hard-to-understand man called “from Central Madera Market on south C Street” and said something about “a bill and the store had changed ownership.” Unfortunately, the remainder of the call could not be understood.
  • “The start times at Madera High were changed to 7:40 without consulting the community is somehow now the parents fault,” said a man. “They are now trying to get all their children to school and somehow make it to work on time outside Madera. Now the mystery person (last week) is blaming the teens, themselves, for having children. That is quite an elitist attitude from both parties. The truth is Madera Unified moved the start time not knowing or not caring that the older kids in many families help out in several ways.”
  • A man was “reading the paper this morning about the final step to the new casino. I know that Cheryl Schmit will be in the area in January and I would like to stand outside the courthouse with a sign reading "Cheryl Schmit — mind your own business and stay out of Madera!”
  • “This is in regard to Thursday, Oct. 24, and the article on the speed reduction the supervisors have now in the Country Club area,” a caller said. “I have no relationship with anyone involved in any of this, but I do know that Manon is not her sister. It is her brother. Just thought you might like to know that. (Note: A correction was printed in the paper.)
  • “It was nice to see no Mr. Critic in the Red Line this week,” said a man. “It did nothing for me but take up space.”
  • “I hope Mr. Critic doesn’t return,” said a woman. “When (columnist Leon) Emo does it occasionally in his column it is funny. But in this case it took away from the caller’s messages.”
  • A gentleman called “in response to the man who started out last week by referring to ‘your writer and his previous business.’ One thing that is appalling is this person has such a bad feeling about this writer that he is bringing up nothing that has to do with this writer. He states himself that ‘the department of justice came in and convicted the new owner of fraud — the new owner, not the previous owner. I was in the insurance business at the time and there was a world of difference between the previous owner and the new owner. It just burns me up that last week’s caller would pull this devious crap.”
  • A man said, “I read (Leon) Emo’s ‘Meanderings’ (on) Saturday. It was nice to see him returning and writing about the desert after a long summer. I lived out near Ridgecrest for several years and I enjoy his writing and memories of the desert.”
  • A man said he “would like to know where my TV guide is for this week, Saturday, Oct. 26, 2013. I also would like to know why you guys have to throw my paper down in a community driveway where everyone can run over it before I can get it.” He left his address.
  • A woman called about a “liquor store on Howard Road. I was there to purchase some items one day and knowing there is a restroom I was very upset when I asked to use it and I was told there was no bathroom. I proceeded to ask ‘if there’s a restaurant (inside) why is there no restroom?’ She said, ‘it was for paying customers only.’ I had just purchased $28 worth of items and she still insisted it was for customers only. If there’s a restaurant it should be available for the people that are buying items in the store. I appreciate the service of other restaurants in Madera County and their restrooms are available to the public.”
  • A woman called about the column “by Tami Jo Nix about her brother going with someone for 35 years and then getting married. Who cares? Why does the editor print that kind of junk? Come on editor get some news.”
  • “My newspaper got wet this morning,” said a lady. “I just wanted to let someone know.” She left her address.
  • “A regular Tribune and Red line reader,” said, “I have read quite a few letters to the editor from Frank Bradford. He seems to be pretty much up on his game. Since (School Board Trustee) Lynn Cogdill’s seat is going to be vacant it is too bad that someone like Frank Bradford wouldn’t jump in there and be on the board. He seems like he would be a good person to not only be on the school board, but any political office around town.”
  • A lady spelled out “K-r-a-u-s-e,” then said, “Bill Coate must be his campaign manager. Usually there is a list of supporters in a paid ad. I know the Tribune needs the business, but it looks like the good old boys are at it again.”
  • A man wanted “to sound off about Thomas Jefferson’s (Middle School) having a 7-0 record. (The caller didn’t say what sport but presumably it is the football team.) They are going to the playoffs starting Saturday yet there is no write up about these kids. These are future (Madera South) Stallions or Madera (High) Coyotes. A 7-0 record and not even one little story about them. I don’t understand. You can print about soccer and the Coyotes. These kids work their butt off and there is not even one little story. I’m not too happy with that.”

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