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Next, we may see knife control

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webmaster | 04/16/14

Here we are after the horrific knife attack in Pennsylvania which left 22 people injured, most of whom are high school students. The suspect, a 16 year old student at the school is in custody and was charged with many counts of attempted murder.

The question I have is why aren’t our president, Senators Feinstein, Boxer, Reid or any other members of the liberal Democratic party calling for knife control? Where is the outrage from all of the gun control lobbyist? A knife is a deadly weapon when in the wrong hands, or it’s a tool in the proper hands.

I think that our elected officials need to take immediate steps to prevent this from happening again. I have a few ideas that might help them to take control of this issue.

First no one can buy a knife of any shape, style or size without first going through a background check, this would also include those couples getting married and registering for gifts. No more just walking into a store to purchase a knife, there should be at least a minimum 10-day waiting period while the background check is being completed.

Every home, office or business that has knives must have them locked up in the appropriate knife safe or locking mechanism to render them safe from children hurting themselves or anybody else that might use them in a crime.

No more carrying a pocket knife or knife on your belt in a sheath without a CKP (concealed knife permit) and before you can obtain a CKP you must pass a safety class. Remember, if these rules are placed into law think of ALL the fees that can be charged and the revenue that the federal, state and local governments could add to their coffers.

Do these things sound silly? Of course they do, but these are just some rules (there are many more) that gun owners go through every time they purchase a gun of any type.

Sure, there should be some basic checks before purchasing a gun, but the point I’m trying to make is, the gun isn’t the problem, it’s the person who uses it. Just like the kitchen knives that the young man used in Pennsylvania on Wednesday to hurt all those people, there is no difference in my way of looking at it. It’s not the device used, it’s the person using it. God bless the nation and its Constitution. Don’t mess with it.

Jim Cavallero,


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