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New Lumber Town exhibit was terrific

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webmaster | 09/11/12

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  • A man said, “you need to do an investigation on why Madera High is stuck with that bizarre rotating schedule. I hear the teachers at Madera High voted it down and got outvoted by Madera South. Now Madera High is stuck with the disaster and no administration will admit how screwed up it is. If you could find out maybe you could stop all this foolishness.”
  • “About this Romney tax cut,” began a man. “If that was the only thing he had I’d sue him. And another thing, Obama is not going to hand these people legal citizenship. You’re going to have to know English. That’s going to be the bottom line. There is no other way in which you can be a citizen.”
  • A regular “concerned citizen” called again on “the oil companies. They ought to help us out and lower gas prices so this economy can get back to where it should be.”
  • A man “returned to town after a couple of days,” and after seeing the photo of a cross country meet, “was glad to see another sport on the cover besides football. There are other sports out there besides football. There is boys and girls water polo, volleyball and you need to write them up as well. You need to put them on the cover.”
  • A hard to understand message had something to do “with an employee that…” The rest was not understood except the ending that said, “are you allowed to do that? If so, please print it.”
  • “No news must be good news,” said a caller. “All commercial stations, including PBS, provide no news. So I guess the adage no news is good news pertains to all our broadcasting situations. Whoa, do you think we have a controlled media?” He concluded sarcastically, “impossible.”
  • A lady called “in regards to the picnic table behind the (Madera County) Health Department. The table and chairs that are out there are so filthy, covered with bird poop, and there are broken chairs. It’s an accident waiting to happen. I don’t know how the health department can allow this table to stay out there and allow their employees to sit there. It is very unsafe and I was appalled at the area.”
  • A woman said, “it is too late for this year, but next year would you please tell the Madera Fair to put the hour the gates open in the ad they place in the Tribune. Some of us couldn’t care less when their idiotic music starts. We just want to know when the gates open.” The next call was from the same voice. “It’s me again and I just discovered the (Fair) insert in the paper and saw it starts at 5 o’clock. Who on God’s green earth starts a fair at 5 p.m.? Only in Madera.”
  • Another lady had “just returned from the fair. I had a terrific time and the new lumber exhibit just as you walk in was terrific. It was a very enjoyable experience.”
  • A hard to understand caller said, “I would appreciate a complete high school football schedule so we can plan ahead to see the games.”
  • A woman was “sorry to see in the last Red Line someone had the same problem I did in not receiving a (not understood) package even after multiple calls. Might I suggest you get an answering machine for the other times I and other people have not received their Tribune?”

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