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Needed: Surveillance cams at park

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webmaster | 07/23/13

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  • A man said, “Friday night, I came up with the idea to go roller skating. Being in my 40s I was a little hesitant, but I can’t begin to tell you how much fun we had at Madera Miracle Skate. They had all sorts of games and music and all around they were very, very nice. I have not had that much fun in a long time. It’s a great place for family fun.”
  • A woman said, “today is July 15 and I still haven’t seen the gospel music thing in your paper since the first of the month. It would be nice to read about, and let people know of the non-denominational service and music. If you print it, it would be helpful.”
  • “The (George) Zimmerman case,” began a woman. “Being accused of profiling? Look at the protestors of the undeserved destruction of business property, to cars on the street and graffiti. These idiots cause bad profiling and should pay the consequences.”
  • A woman said, “I can’t believe your writer Leon Emo and Sam Pistoresi helped each other out so Emo could write the story on the old Madera Inn. It was very interesting, especially with the pictures and map. Emo even gave Pistoresi credit (and Ray Whitaker) for his help at the end of the story. Emo’s dad would be pleased that his old friend, Sam, and his son sat down together to share some memories.”
  • A woman “wanted to support Cheryl Schmit for bringing up the casino that we don’t need in Madera. As for the person who wrote ‘get over it, we’re going to have one whether we like it or not’, exactly. It is always pushed down our throats.”
  • A lady “has been reading all this on the casino coming in. I don’t know why everyone is so against it. It will help this city. It will help everybody. Those that don’t want to go, they don’t have to go. There are plenty of other places for entertainment. Don’t stop the casino. We are looking forward to it, and it can only help our city.”
  • A man wanted “the answer to one simple question. Why are there no surveillance cameras at Swimming Pool Park and the Youth Center? My daughter was robbed at knife point at the park yesterday while she was walking from the swimming pool to the Youth Center. The boys said they would kill her if she said anything, yet no cameras caught this. The city should invest in cameras to prevent this kind of crime happening and anything else that goes on in that area. It is not the safest area in Madera.”
  • “I, too, am disappointed in the Farmer’s Market in Courthouse Park,” said a man. “If I had WIC I would be in hog heaven, but I went to Save Mart and got a better deal and fresher food.”
  • A woman wanted “to let everyone know that Grover’s (Landscaping) who does the city lawns in front of our house and up and down Howard Road do a beautiful job. Kudos to the city of Madera for contracting with that company.” On another topic, she said about the new courthouse being built. “I was sad to hear the building is being supplied by vendors not from Madera. The same goes for the new CVS building. They don’t use our local vendors, which means taxpayer’s money is not being used for Madera County. Our city planners or administrators can’t see that we should be using local businesses to supply local construction.”
  • A man replied to last week’s caller “about the filthy restaurant. First, if you went to a restaurant and it didn’t look clean I would just turn around and leave. Secondly, why did she stay? Third, those people don’t care if you come back. They already had your money because you stayed and ate.”
  • Another caller said, “I agree about last week’s lady about the restaurant. I was there Saturday and ordered a chocolate milkshake for my boyfriend. It didn’t have any flavor. It was the lousiest shake my boyfriend said he had ever had.”
  • “I was ready to hang Zimmerman when I first heard about the Trayvon shooting,” said a woman. “But after the testimony and the ‘white cracker’ remark I began to wonder about Trayvon, was he racist? I think the jury made the right decision by the law. But if Trayvon would have killed Zimmerman would that have been racist because of the white cracker remark? I think it is time to throw away those labels because so many of us are multi-race and all of us are just humans.”
  • A man “wanted to make a comment on our district attorney. I know a couple of board meetings ago that he said he was just too busy in the office to do the Speed Phillips trial. I am just finding out on this day he is out jumping out of helicopters cutting down marijuana plants. Now I feel that is not his job. It is to prosecute and just thought the people of Madera County should know.”
  • “The paper should read their own archives,” began a woman. “The Chukchansi Indian casino was built on non-tribal lands. The Madera grand jury disclosed that years ago. And now no one wants to bring it up. The Mono Indian land historically is from Yosemite to the coast. They have followed the rules and should be allowed to continue the process of bringing in the casino on (Highway) 99.”
  • A woman said, “I personally use the Ellis Street bridge (overcrossing) and I really appreciate not having to wait for trains and it is a beautiful structure. But I don’t understand why it has become such an eyesore. Who is in charge of the maintenance?”
  • “You’re not kidding, there are too many Mexican restaurants in this town,” said a woman. “It would be really great if we had an Applebee’s, a Home Town Buffet, or a Chili’s. That would be great. Thank you for your time. Have a nice evening.”
  • A man who “found out that Kingsburg has a Friday night family swim night,” wondered, “why Madera doesn’t have something like that. It (Kingsburg’s) was open until 10. I would love to go there Friday night after I get off work and take my kids and play around and have some fun.” (Note: The Parks Department tried a Friday family night of swimming, barbecued hot dogs refreshments and lifeguards on duty approximately five years ago with little to no attendance.)

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