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Need ‘clarity’ in school system

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webmaster | 08/06/13

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  • “It is getting pretty bad about birth announcements,” began a woman. “Here it is almost August and they are barely putting January’s in the paper. What is taking so long to put them in the paper?”
  • A lady “would like to suggest that the Tribune take a look at their TV Guide that comes out in the Saturday edition. For years the weekly morning schedule has been wrong. You put the afternoon schedule in where the 7 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. section is. This has not changed in many years. You need to take more pride in what you do so we can enjoy our local paper.”
  • A man called “about all your articles about the Madera Elks Lodge. I understand you keep putting the title of Eddie Block as president when Eddie Block is the Exalted Ruler. An Elk has to work hard to get that title. It is very prestigious.”
  • A woman said, “We need some clarity on what is happening with the school system. They have now hired a superintendent who was a principal who quit, moved away and now is back with a job that pays $200,000 a year. Are the teachers going on strike? They have saved the school district millions yet there is no clarity. I want to know if my children are going to school and then not be in school because the teachers are on strike. We have an inept school board. No work is getting done. I am tired of all this. I want a normal school year. Mr. Editor, you need to step and find out what’s happening and quit worrying about your cat or who is taking a trip.”
  • A woman left a message about “a movement called overpasses for Obama’s impeachment. It has been taking place in several states. It is time to take back our country. This message is for the local Tea Party and the local Republican Party and anyone else that is fed up with this president. Just tell me the overpass, the day and time and I’ll be there.”
  • Another lady called about the same movement, but said, “people keep talking about impeaching our president. That’s really good. Way to be united against all the terrorism against America. With the world, especially the middle east in turmoil we want to tell the world that our president is no good. How quickly these wannabe impeachers have forgotten when 35 articles of impeachment were brought against Bush on the floor of the House of Representatives. They ranged from illegally creating a case for war against Iraq (Where are those weapons of mass destruction?) to tampering with the 2004 election and ratting out CIA agent Valerie Plame and thereby putting her life in danger.”
  • “If you are interested in the best meal deal in town,” began a man. “I would suggest the fish store over on Country Club Drive by the railroad tracks with their 2-4 p.m. happy hour is a real good meal and a good deal.”
  • A lady said, “the people here in Chowchilla don’t understand why we can’t get home delivery of the Madera Tribune. They can deliver it to the newsstands but can’t deliver it to our homes anymore. It doesn’t make any sense. The papers we do receive come in the mail and are one or two days old. We want better service here in Chowchilla. We want papers delivered to our house like we used to have before. It is not right.”
  • A woman “really appreciated getting the Madera Direct in the mail. We are finally getting some discount coupon sheets. Thank you very much.”
  • A lady who gave her name said, “I have a big concern. There has been a dead dog on the corner of south A (street) and Wallace for about four days. I watched as people go by, city trucks go by, police go by. That dog had gone from just a dead dog to a stiff corpse. Children and flies are coming around. Nobody has done anything about it. I called Animal Control. They said I needed to call the Police Department. I even went to city hall yesterday. I believe this is a health concern with children being around and touching it and transmitting possible air borne diseases. I can’t understand why no one has picked up the dog. It reminds me of the streets of poorer countries, not our city.” She asked that we call her back and left her phone numbers.
  • A man called about “Friday’s poignant and beautifully written story by Bill Coate, “Madera man went down with his team,” is just another example of how fortunate we are to have a newspaper of the Tribune’s quality. Coate’s historical sketches together with Chuck Doud’s editorials put the Tribune at the top of the class of small town newspapers.”
  • “I was out looking at yard sales today and couldn’t help but think of our teachers,” began a man. “Every school I passed had cars in the lot. Teachers are getting their rooms ready and staff is working hard to get school open squeaky clean, and inviting for the children. I also thought of the school board not wanting to award the teachers a token raise. Now we have the Fresno Bee saying the school board and teachers are fighting. We have administrators and staff bailing out like rats off a sinking ship.”
  • A woman called “in regards to the Coyote Alumni Dinner. I am embarrassed that you all would forget to mention coach Mejia on the picture. He is also a 2007 alumni and has done so much for the community. He volunteers with Coyote youth football. He doesn’t get paid enough to be a big coach, but volunteers. As a football mom I’m embarrassed that you forgot to mention him.”
  • “My husband and I are both in favor of the casino coming to Madera,” said a lady. “It seems a lot has been written by those that are against it, so I just wanted to say we can hardly wait. We work. We’re responsible adults. We pay our bills. People who are not should, obviously, not be gambling, but we look forward to the addition to Madera.”
  • “Why release inmates?” asked a woman. “We have much better weather than Arizona. Why can’t we make a tent prison like they have? People are camping out here year round. I lived in my car in campgrounds for two years, lived in Death Valley and other places for many months at a time. It shouldn’t be that hard to get started. Land is a bargain in the Valley and the foothills even more so.
  • A man called “in regards to the water meters that have been put in the city of Madera in the last year or so. I believe if people are interested in how well those meters are working all you have to do is drive around Madera and look at all the dead or almost dead lawns. That’s from people who are cutting back because they can’t afford to pay for the water. So the city of Madera really did a nice job putting in those water meters, now the town looks trashed because of the dead lawns.”

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