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Mystery Critic receives mixed reviews

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webmaster | 10/22/13

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  • “I love Mr. Critic,” said a woman. “He, or she, is very smart. Keep up the good work.”
  • “I wish I would have heeded the warning about the mystery critic,” said a man. “But instead I wasted my time reading the bullying remarks and sophomoric attempts at humor. You broke your own printed rules by quoting a woman three times and then admitted it contained a profanity. The Red Line was entertaining by itself. Please don’t offer us another reason to unsubscribe to The Madera Tribune.”
  • A man said, “Hey, Mr. Critic, if you are who I think you are why don’t you stick to driving around like you do all day long and don’t do anything. Take that, Mr. Critic. You’re a lot better writer” than that.
  • A caller said he “was disappointed with (Tuesday’s) Weekend Roundup. There were so many things happening in Madera this weekend and your section was just four pages and no color. That is not exactly replacing the Monday paper.”
  • A woman called on the same subject. “With everything going on this weekend all you had was a thin weekend section and nothing about the car show in the park. Instead you had so much coverage of that class reunion, just because (former) supervisor Dominici and Manfredi graduated that year. Are you going to do the same for my class reunion, every class reunion?
  • A man was “scanning the Features Page of Wednesday’s paper, the recipes and the writer’s former bosses, after the first paragraph the column turned into yet another autobiography. When describing his retirement from the auto repair business I recall being in that shop shortly after a longtime employee had purchased the business. The California Department of Justice came in, they closed the doors and confiscated insurance records and convicted the new owner of insurance fraud. This is all a matter of public record.”
  • “I like your paper,” said a man. “I would like to see more on the cheerleaders. My two granddaughters are both cheerleaders and they knock themselves out. They have just as many practices as the football and basketball players and have to do two sports as well. They travel with the teams and everything, but don’t get their picture in the paper.”
  • “We had a great hoedown dance at the Elks Lodge,” said a lady and “your favorite bartender (name given). “I just want to thank the Tribune, Leon Emo, the Stallion band and all the local businesses that contributed to the success. Most of all, my committee, I couldn’t have done it without them. We hope to make this fundraiser even bigger next year.”
  • A lady gave her name and said, “I have called before and I am here to inform Maderans that people are again throwing the remains of dead dogs, goats and also trash on Santa Fe Drive off Avenue 15, by the railroad tracks. If you see anyone doing this, report it to the police and get the license plate number if possible. This is atrocious and it smells so bad. I have rescued a few live dogs. I appreciate the Red Line and love all the comments.”
  • A man “called about the jails in this country and California. They spend a lot of money on the jails when they don’t need to. It seems like the prisoners have more rights than the innocents. They get beds, food, exercise, free medical. It’s not a punishment. I heard it on the streets. They say it’s time to go back home — they feed us. I heard it so many times it makes me sick. I wish this country would get it together and punish these people. Do it like Arizona. Make them think twice about going back to prison.”
  • “A concerned grandparent whose grandson goes to John Adams” Elementary School said, “There was an incident last week in school where he was falsely accused of taking someone’s iPod. When they found out it wasn’t him that took it, they didn’t apologize, but punished him by not letting him go to the homecoming parade and keeping him in school. I don’t understand what their policy is but I feel they should apologize to my grandson and his parents.”
  • “Oh my gosh,” said a woman. “I got out of bed this morning and my hair is sticking straight up. I don’t know what to do.”

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