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More on the parking of RVs

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webmaster | 05/08/12

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  • A woman responded “in regards to the RV parking at Walmart. This is a free country and more rules by the government will not help. What could it possibly hurt to have people stay there? Most of them are elderly and enjoying their retirement. That lady (who complained) needs to get a life. Where does she live to even possibly see them.”
  • “She is hard headed,” said a man about the same complaining lady. “The store anticipates some shopping and does allow the RV parking. Why is she being stupid about this?” The RVs have the authorization to park there. That is all there is to it.”
  • Another man said, “with all the problems facing this town like gangs, bad roads and more we’re arguing back and forth in the Red Line about RV parking at Walmart?”
  • “I’m calling about the food giveaway on Ellis Avenue,” began a woman. “I’m a senior citizen and I’ve been going there a year and receiving food and never, ever have I been asked to pay. The people who are complaining are just cowards and liars. They should leave their name so those of us that are grateful can call them and tell them how grateful we are to be able to feed our families.”
  • Another lady had a similar comment. “I just wanted to say how much the program helps us. My husband is disabled and I don’t understand why people are complaining about this program.”
  • A woman called in response “to the man who said (school trustee) Lynn Cogdill is using the Tribune. Everyone has a right to write letters to the editors. He has donated thousands of dollars to this community. As far as getting people elected, that is his prerogative. He can support people.”
  • “The school board has just passed a ruling that every student in the school has to get a 50 percent grade,” said a regular caller. “Even if they sit there and do nothing. Now that is annoying to me. What kind of idiots are they going to turn out? What was the school board thinking of, folks?"
  • A man said his “children, all my children went to La Vina, and they’re having a lot of problems. I think the people who put the principal at La Vina should be fired. She’s very inexperienced.”
  • A lady said, “a few columns ago, (columnist) Tami Jo Nix referred to Jesus as a ‘she.’ I would like very much to inform her that Jesus is a man and God is also a man in the spiritual realm. I’m offended that anybody would refer to Jesus as a she. Tell her to read her Bible.”
  • A lady “enjoys the picture on the back page (the weather page). I always look for them. They are very good and you have good photographer(s). But I just read today in the Red Line about the guy complaining about Chevron having all the money. Well, what about the leaders of our country. Why don’t you put the blame there?”
  • “I’d like to leave a comment about all the (median) islands around Madera,” said a man. “I think the planning committee should spend their time planning more islands. It’s the stupidest thing in Madera. I think it’s a waste of time and a waste of taxpayers’ money. It makes the streets more narrow and unsafe.”
  • A woman wanted to know “why Gary Svanda is running for district supervisor when he just ran for city council? He will only have served the council for one year and three or four years, but this is his third or fourth term. Is he using the council as a safety net?”
  • “Everyone is complaining about a men’s prison being built near Madera,” began a woman. “It makes no sense. Men are easier to handle. Trust me. I was in jail at a women’s facility four years ago.”
  • A woman wanted to know “why the Tribune doesn’t put what movies are playing at the Madera Theater and also the drive-in? Some people would like to know. (Note: The drive-in is still closed for the season.)
  • “I’m calling about the remodeling of the (County) Health Department on Road 28 near the jail,” began a caller. “They did not take into consideration all the patients that go there. There are no crosswalks. No parking. Moms with newborn babies having to park two or three blocks away. There is no caution signs.”
  • A “city worker” was “so disgusted with my fellow workers who chickened out on our negotiations, not pursuing cost-ofliving raises and pay raises or merit increases. But again they are going to take away money for our medical. These people did not consider low-income families. These fellow union members probably don’t even have children to raise anymore.”
  • A woman “just wanted to thank Madera Classic Cars for a great show today at the Relay For Life. They raised a lot of money for a great cause. We will be there Friday night to support them because they always support the community. We appreciate Madera Classic Cars and all you do for us.”
  • Another caller said, “another wonderful Relay. Thank you, parks department, for all your work. The park was beautiful and Leon Emo was always around when we needed something. He even raised money for Relay with a fun look-alike contest. But I don’t get it. I ran into a T-Ball parent complaining about the parking. I had to walk just as far. Sure we all had to walk a little further in the morning. And you know why? That parent went home after her game, while those of us, even after walking the few blocks to the Relay, walked some more to fight cancer. I do know some of the T-Ball teams took time out after their game to come over and join us. But for the rest of you whiners, you really don’t have anything to complain about when you think about a friend with cancer or a wife, husband, brother or sister, father or mother who has died from it.”

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