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More news about the Coyotes, please

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webmaster | 02/07/12

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  • A woman wanted “more coverage of Madera High Coyotes. They should recognize Madera High instead of the Madera South Stallions all the time.”
  • Another lady said, “I enjoy reading Stallions in the Spotlight each week where they talk about upcoming events at Madera South High School, but my child goes to Madera High. I haven’t seen Coyote Corner much lately. I would like to read about the upcoming events at Madera High also. Liberty High School hasn’t been featured much either.”
  • A man called in response to the lady who said: “Don’t buy gas on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This is a really shortsided view. If drivers don’t buy on those days they will just buy on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and Sunday. It will still come out the same way. There are other ways to deal with it and more viable ones.”
  • A woman asked, “do you wonder why there are outrageous auto claims in Florida and all over? Watch those lawyers advertising on TV. They say they can give seventeen more times the money than the insurance company wants to pay. Check on your insurance policy. They only pay so much. They take the rest from the assets. The lawyer takes one-third of that money. If you have insurance you have a lawyer at your disposal. If you don’t have insurance, don’t drive.”
  • A woman “purchased a vehicle from (name of local dealership) and I took it in because I had a fender well coming down on top of my tires. They said the vehicle had been in an accident. They sold me a vehicle that had been in an accident, but told me it had never been in an accident. They refused to do the repairs.” She again gave the name of the local dealership.
  • “My heart goes out to the family and friends of Jacqueline King,” began a man. “She’s the woman who was killed pulling out on Sunset Avenue after church. The problem is many people park on the street blocking the visibility of drivers after service.” The caller suggested “the city paint the curb red, no parking on either side of the driveway. This would allow drivers exiting more visibility. This was a tragic loss.”
  • A “city worker” objected to (city administrator) “Mr. (David) Tooley raising our medical (coverage) rates. I don’t know why he can’t come to an agreement and stop increasing our costs. He needs to cut out the middle man for our medical management and save the broker fee.”
  • Another “city employee” said, “Mr. Tooley does not care about his employees. He sits in his office at city hall. I’m proud to say I work for the people of Madera to give them a better life and not the management at city hall who don’t even take the time to get out because they already have the good life.”

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