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More on Golden Valley school tussle

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webmaster | 06/19/13

My name is Warren Parr. I would like to thank you for this opportunity to address and challenge Mr. Edward Moseley’s statements at the June 4 Golden Valley Unified School District Board Meeting and in the Saturday, June 8 Madera Tribune article titled “Golden Valley divided.” Mr. Moseley accused me of “dirty politics, being petty and publicizing our dirty laundry in public.” He also said I was not “...entirely 100 percent correct on this” issue.

The very next night Mr. Moseley and I were at a LAFCO meeting primarily addressing water issues of the Ranchos community. After the meeting I confronted Mr. Moseley about his inflammatory and inaccurate remarks about me the previous night. We agreed to disagree and exchanged cell phone numbers so that we could have an ongoing discussion about the events that led me to file the Grand Jury complaint. We had a text conversation later that evening and on into the next morning. Here is that conversation.

Parr: “By the way, Edward, it was Kathleen who went public first on Facebook. It was her that erred to quote you ‘our dirty laundry in public.’ She stepped out of line. She violated due process. I’m defending due process by letting the system work. I am using the free press. I am using the citizen judiciary system. I have protected her due process by allowing her the opportunity to defend herself which is more than she did for Andy. She was accuser, judge and jury. Also I felt I could not go to her in private because she would have attempted to turn it back on me by accusing me of intimidation and bullying. My word against hers. To take that option from her hand, I decided to make my statement in public also, in plain view of the community so there was no misinterpretation of my words. I have gone on the record. She has chosen not to defend herself at this time. If I was wrongfully accused, I would welcome the opportunity to defend myself and clear my name.”

Moseley: “I understand and I support your right to exercise your legal rights.”

Parr: “Thanks. I appreciate that. I’ll send U the exact statute codes I cited on the GJ complaint form if you would like. I think the Ranchos Independent may have a misprint and I do not want any misunderstandings.”

Mr. Moseley reversed his statements to the Madera Tribune and the GVUSD Board of Trustees. He now supports my right to exercise my legal rights. He’s right. It’s not about dirty politics or pettiness, it never was. It’s about due process a concept apparently Trustee Crumpton doesn’t understand. She has been given due process (the opportunity to defend herself) in public on the record four times. I have been interviewed by both The Ranchos Independent and Madera Tribune. I have presented my accusations in open session during the public forum at two GVUSD Board Meetings. Trustee Crumpton has declined to be interviewed by both newspapers. She has declined to go on the record and defend herself at those GVUSD Board meetings. Instead of due process, she has adopted the strategy of letting her friends and supporters attack me and speak for her.

Trustee Crumpton, I can speak for myself, can you? I can use my own words, can you? I can go on the record so my accusations and statements can be verified, can you? Trustee Crumpton, do you think there is a conspiracy in the local press to get you? Bypass them and answer my accusations directly at the next GVUSD Board meeting where you can speak your own words.

Sometimes it’s very nerve-racking to speak out in public. I’m very sympathetic to that. Let me make a suggestion. Sit down, take your time, measure your words and write a letter to the editor at The Ranchos Independent and Madera Tribune. Go on the record with your own words so your statements withstand my scrutiny. If you continue to let your supporters speak for you, I have to assume you do not want to go on the record so that your statements may be verified. If you will not defend yourself, I have to assume the alleged events at Webster Elementary School are true and your behavior is indefensible.

Trustee Crumpton, please resign. Please don’t put the district through the expense of a recall election and further division of the Ranchos community.

If there are any questions about the GJ complaint, documents or evidence from the community, I can be reached at complete_car_care at hotmail. com.

Let’s get back to the business of education,

Warren Parr,
Madera Ranchos


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