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More frustration with RV parking

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webmaster | 05/01/12

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  • A woman responded “to the man who called about RV parking at Walmart. It and Save Mart are not open 24 hours a day so they’re not there shopping. I have personal property in my area and I cannot hire an RV and sleep in it day in and day out. There are ordinances that protect us citizens.”
  • A man called on “the oversight board that met to dismantle the Madera Redevelopment Agency (RDA). I have some concerns. Several members are part of the same people who lost millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money. Shouldn’t the board be open to the public? Who is responsible for the unfinished projects that RDA started? Why was former Madera County Administrator, Stell Manfredi, chosen to represent the general public? Is he not part of the past problems? Gov. Jerry Brown was right in disbanding the RDAs. We need a public meeting so these questions can be answered.” (Editor’s note: The first, and so far only, meeting of the Oversight Board was held in public, as will subsequent meetings be public. All meetings of the City Council are public, too).
  • A man called “concerning the letters to the editor by (Madera Unified School) District trustee Lynn Cogdill. I think Mr. Cogdill is using the Tribune for his own self-serving means. Though he makes people think he’s doing good things for people and schools it is all in his own interest so he can puff out his chest a little more at school board meetings and help get his cronies, Genseal and Livermore, elected.”
  • A woman said, “I listened to (school board) candidate Charles Genseal at a meeting. The man will be no good for the kids of Madera. Like most candidates seeking any office his past should be common knowledge for the people and parents of Madera to help them make the right decision.”
  • A man “wanted to comment on Madera Unified School District. If they would use the example like Clovis Unified we would have our students and schools better off.”
  • A man called “in response to the lady that said Club YES was a very good program. My comment is that it is a babysitting program. If these people would do the math, these people are in school 10 to 12 hours a day. I do not believe in Club YES. Those kids are in school too long.”
  • A man “driving by Madera High this evening thought it quite interesting that there is a carnival being erected on the JV baseball field. This, as I understand, was approved by the activities director. My concern is what is it doing to all the underground sprinklers in the lawn area? Who’s going to pay for the sprinkler repair? The carnival company or the school district using our tax dollars?”
  • A man said, “it has to rank in his top five. I have always enjoyed (columnist Leon) Emo’s Meanderings to the desert, but the last one tops them all. Thank you Leon for sharing this special place with all your readers.”
  • Another woman had a similar comment. “His description of the desert is just the way I remember when he took me on a tour with his wife and a couple others many years ago. It is a memory that will last my lifetime.”
  • A woman said, “the principal, Patricia Lopez, now at La Vina, used to be the principal at Thomas Jefferson Middle School, and she lacks people skills, especially when handling children.”
  • A woman called “on the fundraiser for the 3-year-old to take a trip to Disneyland. I just hope the parents have the okay from the child’s doctors. It sounds like fun, but is an incredibly hard trip for a 3-year-old, even a healthy one.”
  • A lady called “concerning the food giveaway on Ellis Street. The lady with the clipboard there said unless we pay $30 we could not get in a particular line to get free food. My friend is required every month to take $30 to get free food from that crazy program. It is not free even though they call it free.”
  • Another caller asked, “I want to know when someone is going to investigate the food program on Ellis Street? If it’s supposed to be free then it should be given out as free, not just to certain people and then they charge others.”
  • “Now those Relay (For Life) people are going way too far. I heard they are having an Emo look-a-like contest to raise money. I hope not too many will dress up in shorts and look silly like Emo does all summer long. I don’t know how his so-called gal puts up with it.”
  • •A caller was “driving along Lake Street in Madera and the plants and trees are so beautiful on the median. They grew so quickly. It’s a big improvement of our city. Keep up the good work, Madera.”
  • •“I want to know when Chevron and the big oil companies will stop dilly-dallying around counting all their money,” said a regular caller. “They need to start helping in getting our economy back by lowering our gas prices. They’re making billions while we’re paying billions.”
  • •A man called “Saturday night at 8:46 p.m. driving east on Yosemite from Gateway to Tozer. There are 10 street lights that are not working. Who’s in charge and supposed to be notifying someone that they are out?”

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