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More complaints about a car wash

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webmaster | 11/19/13

All comments are edited for length and content. Because of content and space limitations some comments may not be published. More than one comment from the same person in the same week will normally not be published. If your message contains profanity it may not be used. Please keep your calls to two minutes or less.

  • A couple of callers said, “your Saturday paper said the city of Madera trash pickups would be one day late in order for the employees to take one day (Veterans Day) off. But here it is Monday morning and the trash trucks are coming through our neighborhood and half-a-dozen people that read your paper saw the article and did not have their garbage out. So their cans will have two weeks’ worth of garbage if they can hold it. It was all the result of the story in your Saturday’s paper.”
  • “I hear people complaining we no longer have a Saturday paper,” said a man. “And there is too long a gap between papers during the weekends. Why don’t, instead of not having a Saturday paper, we have a Sunday paper. I just thought that would be a good idea.” (Note: The paper is published on Saturday. It is not published on Sunday and Monday.)
  • A caller responded “to a letter in Friday’s edition in the letters from readers’ column, a fellow animal rights advocate comments on a recent animal abuse case. The defendant received the jail term because of a recent felony conviction. In a previous case, last summer, an individual who starved two horses resulting in one of them dying was allowed to plea bargain for probation and make minimal restitution payments to Madera County that did not come close to the costs incurred by the animal control department. In that case there were no press releases, no TV interviews or profound statements about animal abusers.”
  • A man “agreed with last week’s caller about the car wash at the bail bond business at Gateway (Drive) and Sixth (Street). Every weekend the illegal car wash blocks not only the entrance, but also the exit onto Gateway Drive. Parking is bad enough without this car wash taking up spaces, wasting water and destroying the driveway asphalt. And please don’t tell me they have a business license. Even if they did, with the safety and water issues involved it should be revoked by the city or county.”
  • A woman called “regarding the Tuesday, Nov. 12 Editor’s Corner by Chuck Doud. I greatly appreciate his comments about prayer at official meetings. I don’t see any difference if we are having a Catholic priest or a Hindu prayer. It is all prayer and I thank him for writing about that. Also, if an atheist is in the audience, if it is just quiet, it is still a form of prayer. I don’t understand what all the battles are about taking prayer out of our country.”
  • “My daughter drove me to the courthouse to pay my taxes,” said an elderly lady. “She dropped me off in front and before I walked in a security guard opened the door. Then he escorted me to the elevator and all the way to the tax office. He waited for me and escorted me back and opened the door for my daughter to pick me up. I am really grateful and my daughter also thanks you for your kind consideration in helping me.”
  • “Prisons are no prisons,” said a man. “It’s me again. I think they should go back to chain gangs. Make them think twice about wanting to go back to prison. Don’t give them anything. I heard prisoners have computers. Why? The state wastes a lot of money on welfare too. Please, I want some answers.”
  • A man wanted to thank “a mother for the dinner Saturday that one of the mothers of the football team put on. It was a very nice dinner and wonderful meal. It was fantastic and it is sad that only half the team showed up. She and some other ladies did a fantastic job and she worked very hard throughout the year being a team mother.” The Red Line is not sure but believes the caller concluded with “thank you, Trina Gonzalez.”
  • A man called on “the Veterans Day ceremony held yesterday (Nov. 11) at Courthouse Park. My complaint is that throughout the entire ceremony the construction workers at the new courthouse were making an obscene amount of noise. I thought the banging and clanging was very disrespectful to the veterans. The VFW, the Elks and everyone out there did a great job, but their noise was very upsetting.”
  • “I would like to disagree with the editor’s note,” said a woman calling “about the Red Line and the Democratic Club. I personally walked in our club (meeting) notice on Oct. 28. I filed it and gave my phone number to your front office. Today is Nov. 14 and my notice is not in the paper for our meeting Nov. 19. I put it in over two weeks early. Please someone in that office find out where it went when I submitted it.”
  • A man called and left his number “regarding my bill. Can you call me please.” • A woman “just wanted to voice a complaint about the food giveaway at an Ellis Street church on Thursdays. I appreciate it and don’t mind the wait. But I would like to ask the minister to replace the girl who takes the money. She is so mean and looks down on all of us. It is very mean the way she treats us. She needs to have some compassion and caring. She said she was the boss and can do whatever she wants to.”
  • “My name is Sharon,” began a lady. “I want to welcome back my cousin Kristi (not sure of spelling), she lived in North Carolina quite a few years ago and now she is back. Glad to have her back and I love her.”
  • A woman said, “The district attorney spent the first two years of his term hiding behind closed doors in his office. He has spent the last three years hiding behind his micromanaging and abusive assistant DA … He has driven away so many attorneys ...”

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