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Mollette article shows ignorance

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webmaster | 06/12/13

The commentary by Glenn Mollette on fitness, obesity, and medical care reminds me of the attitude of the Obamacare rip-off, which is on the fast track to be handled by the IRS. Why is the IRS going to handle our health insurance issues, wouldn’t you think it would be in the “Health Care” area?

This man Mollette must be on board with the Obamacare team and must be writing these articles to make us feel all safe and fuzzy that we are doing the right thing when he suggests that each individual “should be at least 27 percent or a number to be determined healthy for men and women.” He also suggested a way to make us tow the line, a “report signed by a local health official is affixed to the income tax report filed each year to the IRS for the tax savings for the entire next year.”

So now, we as citizens, are not only going to face the HHS mandate which allows our government to tell us if our moral values are not in line with the government’s, to give free birth control pills, allow abortions, or the day-after pill, we will be fined, or put out of business.

But now this gentleman thinks if our health issues are not in line with the mandated government guidelines, we will be charged extra taxes, and he who has been blessed with the appropriate BMI figure will get a “tax deduction”.

The article began with, “Each of us must take responsibility for our health.” Sounds reasonable, but then he expands on his topic to not only demean the poor by stating: “Poorer Americans struggle with unhealthy lifestyles, by eating more pizza, and fast foods.” Say what! Poorer Americans, are “poor” and are eating whatever they can make due with the income they have, or at a soup kitchen for their daily food.

On the same day in an article on the front page, “Valley Latinos stuck in poverty,” showed the family having its own garden to assure the family members have food. Also, I saw an article on the Holy Family Table, which raises money and feeds the poor daily. I don’t know where Mr. Mollette lives, and where his thought process feels the government is going to fix our ability to stay fit, but he really needs a reality check.

We as citizens of this country need to stand fast to our moral and physical rights. What is next? If we do not choose to stand for our right to life, and liberties, we will be living according to the government’s foolish moral laws. We are all struggling to maintain our freedoms, please get our government out of our lives, before we have no rights or liberties. Obamacare needs to be overturned. Please join an organization you feel comfortable with that will fight to overturn this foolish mandate.

Cecelia Jones,


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