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Miffed about a loud little girl

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webmaster | 12/26/12

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  • "Madera County should have stayed with the old trash company instead of switching to Red Rock," said a lady. "I will be paying a little bit less, but I was told they won't even have a recycle plan until maybe January. Which means I have to put my recyclables into my regular trash, which takes up more of my trash cans; then I'm going to get charged $1.25 extra for the two cans that are going out. Just thought I would call and complain about that."
  • A woman responded to the lady "about the decorations uptown. Yeah, I kind of miss seeing them around town and now we don't have nothing for Christmas. So I would like to know what the excuse is, too."
  • A woman talked "about a loud, boisterous little girl in Starbucks the other day. She was acting silly. Her mother was busy getting her order and visiting with other people. But that little girl bothered everybody. She would not calm down. We could not stand it. We sat in there trying to relax and finally we just got up and left. I don't know what can be done about it, but that child should have known better. We needed that half-hour to rest and she ruined it."
  • A lady who read "Tuesday's paper" said, "It was pretty sad to see an advertisement for a gun shop... (name given) that said 'you want it, we'll get it. Rifles, shotguns, ammo, we'll get it.' After the recent tragedy it is really sad."
  • A man said he "was saddened by the incident at that school. But you know what? Guns are a part of America. So are cars. They both kill. It is our responsibility to make our cars secure and our guns secure from little kids or people with disabilities. I believe all guns should have a built in key lock, because trigger locks can be taken off and lost. Instead, the person then would have a personal key to unlock the trigger."
  • A woman wanted to "comment about the letter to the editor from a man named John. It was, of course, about the terrible tragedy in Connecticut, but also the tragedy of abortion in our country. This law should be struck down. I just say good for him for his letter in the paper."
  • A man said, "I just hit two or three big potholes on Howard Road just west of Schnoor (Avenue) and across from the first softball field on the corner. I nearly lost control. The city has had problems at this spot before and I know they are probably shorthanded this time of year, but please somebody fix it before somebody runs up on the curb or sideswipes another car after hitting those holes."
  • A man said, "The Downtown Pizza Cafe is a great place to eat. It's a good place to watch games with TVs all over the place, and the owners are real nice. Let's keep the family-owned businesses in Madera going."
  • A man called "in regards to the Madera Unified (School District) teachers. I don't blame them for being upset over the district trying to put a cap on their health insurance. I don't know how many people in this town realize it, but all past (school) board members get lifetime health insurance. Even when they are no longer board members, they still get paid health insurance. Teachers at the age of 65 are eliminated from their health program. I don't blame the teachers. Go for it teachers."
  • A lady said, "I miss the holiday dinners at Frank Bergon (senior center). The parks staff would take time out from their families on Thanksgiving and even sometimes Christmas Day to bring us a meal and be friends. It was the only place I had to go on those days where I could talk to people who were just like me -- alone on the holidays. I don't know if there are a whole lot of different people at the parks office now or maybe they just don't have enough money or time to share with us seniors."
  • A man said, "I was very glad to see in the Tribune, day after day, where so many groups were handing out Christmas baskets to those in need. Madera is a wonderful place to live and those people help to make it that way."

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