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Many concerns generate lots of calls

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webmaster | 06/10/14

All comments are edited for length and content. Because of content and space limitations some comments may not be published. Please keep your calls to two minutes or less.

  • A gentleman commented on conditions at Courthouse Park: “I’m calling about the sheriff’s race and Courthouse Park. I don’t see how a sheriff can keep the county safe when he can’t even keep Courthouse Park safe. All the drugs, all the gambling, all the drinking. All the drugies go to (a local) liquor store, and they beg people for money, and if they don’t give them money, they cuss them out. I talked to the manager there, and it’s dangerous there. The guys drink out in the back. They call the police, but the guys just go back to the Courthouse Park and finish drinking. How are they going to take care of a whole county if they can’t even take care of the city?”
  • A reader asks this question: “The headline in Tuesday’s paper reads, “Man caught raising pot, 300 chickens. What the heck is wrong with chicken pot pie?”
  • A lady said she was concerned about the issue of code enforcement: “I would like to add to the comments of a caller in (last) Tuesday’s paper about code enforcement. He says to call or write letters to code enforcement. We have called numerous times, and can’t get anyone to return our call. I have emailed them, and can’t get anyone to return my emails. Why should I bother to write a letter when those two other methods are available to me. I can’t understand that.”
  • From a woman concerned about Parkwood’s water: “I went to the meeting at Parkwood about Parkwood water last night, and all they told us was lies, lies, lies. They said it would cost a million dollars to put in a new well. Well, I checked, and was told it would only cost $250,000 for a new well.” She also said she was told the present well could be repaired for $6,000.”
  • A traffic-watcher had this to say about use of turn signals: “I’m wondering why so many drivers do not use a turn signal. It is very easy. It is located on the left side of the steering wheel. Up for the right turn, down for the left turn. What is worse, I have seen Madera police cars making left turns without signaling, and also the Highway Patrol. Shame on you. They’re supposed to set a good-driving example.”
  • A school employee had reservations about a rumored promotion: “I’ve recently heard that Madera Unified is thinking of promoting (a certain) principal to (the main office as a) director. He has no people skills and is not well thought of ... He has no ties to the community because he doesn’t live here, and would not educate his own children here. I guess he feels that Clovis is better. He frequently has run-ins with staff.”
  • A sign watcher was not pleased: “This is Sunday afternoon, and in driving around, I’ve noticed all kinds of campaign signs still up. I know for a fact there’s an ordinance that says all campaign signs have to be taken down within 10 days after the election. Then, for the November election, they aren’t allowed to go back up before a certain day. So I think these candidates ought to make sure all their signs are down. This candidate that still has her sign up and doesn’t want to remove it, I doubt very much whether I would vote for that individual.”

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