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Make that speed limit 25 mph, please

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webmaster | 01/22/13

All comments are edited for length and content. Because of content and space limitations some comments may not be published. More than one comment from the same person in the same week will normally not be published. If your message contains profanity it will not be used. Please keep your calls to two minutes or less.

  • Several calls were received about “the pedestrian killed by an automobile on Farallon and Varden Way.” A man said, “I live in the area and called the Sheriff’s Department and the Highway Patrol last week to complain about people going up and down the road too fast at 55 mph. I told them someone may end up dead and that is exactly what happened. They need to put signs up here saying this is a residential area. It shouldn’t be more than 25 or 35 mph in any area.”
  • A lady said, “I walk every day in this area. There are three speed limit signs of 25 mph when you enter the Country Club area from Road 26. One is on Club Drive immediately after you turn. Another 25 mph sign is on the frontage road which is Wayside, immediately after you enter that street and the third 25 mph sign is located immediately after your turn off Club Drive on to Varden, 150 yards from where the fatality occurred. CHP officer (name given) stated the speed limit is 55 mph and it’s posted 25 mph. Someone does not have their facts straight. More fatalities are coming now that people have been told the speed limit is 55 mph.”
  • “I’m calling about that terrible tragedy here on Varden,” began a woman. “There are many, many speeding trucks in this area. There’s an accident waiting to happen with a feed and livestock truck that drives by here all the time. When he makes a turn onto Varden he takes up the whole intersection and it’s a blind area where oncoming cars can’t see. Day and night the man goes by.” The lady said, “I’m going to take down the addresses of all these breeders and send them a copy of the letter so they can read it. There are also cars that drive very fast around here.”
  • A man had a message for the editor. “Chuck (Doud) I’m not sure, but I think it’s Jody Foster not Jody Roberts about your editorial on the Golden Globes.” The caller chuckled and then said, “I am just trying to figure out who the heck you were talking about.” (Editor’s note: Columns about that error, why it was made and what happened to Jody Roberts appeared for three days after the error was made. Thanks for reading and noticing.)
  • A lady replied, “Hey, Chuck Doud, who is Jody Roberts?”
  • A woman said, “whoever called in about the Farnesi’s sign is right. Paint it, code (enforce) it, do something with it.”
  • Another man, “totally agreed with what people said about the Farnesi’s (the caller pronounced it Farneechee) sign. You owners really need to do something about your sign. You can write it off as an expense, so come on, let’s go.”
  • A woman had a correction and said, “The picture on the feature page is not right. You put Annelle (she spelled it out) and that is not correct. It is Annette.” She began to give the last name, but had trouble spelling it, but she did tell the Red Line how to spell it also.”
  • “Hello, Red Line, here’s a good one for you,” began a gentleman. “Today, Wednesday, Jan. 16, the good old Rotary Club, they are going to solve the world peace problem. They are sending wheelchairs to needy countries like Nicaragua. Give some to Iran and Syria while you are at it. Kind of like the hippie days. Give peace a chance. Well, give one to my mother. She had to pay for it. No one gave her one and she lives right here in Madera. Give some to those countries. You know they still hate us.”
  • A caller read today “in Leon’s column (‘Mo’s Musings’) that he had never heard of a Pinto motorcycle. I was wondering if he had heard of a Paige car. My son owns a 1927 Paige automobile. Just thought it might be interesting to him.”
  • “A few weeks ago I read the collapsed sidewalk story by Emo,” began a man. “I drove down Yosemite (Avenue) the other day and saw the barricades still up. Is there going to be a follow-up story? It sure would be interesting.”
  • A woman said, “I’m looking for the movie schedule in the paper. I guess you don’t have it,” and hung up. (Note: The Tribune no longer receives movie schedules from the local theater.)
  • “I have a gun and hollow points (bullets),” began a woman. “But I am tired of the NRA’s bullying tactics. Yes, I have a gun, but I have enough common sense to know we need gun control.”
  • A man commented on “the interesting article by Bill Coate regarding the Madera Unified School District and the health insurance. As far as I’m concerned the trustees of Madera Unified ought to go ahead and lower their contributions to health care and make it second from the bottom. Madera Unified teachers are earning way too much when it comes to their health insurance in comparison with teachers of Madera County Office of Education where they are getting just over $8,000 a year. Numbers don’t lie. As far as I’m concerned the Madera Unified Teachers Association can all be fired.”

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