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Maderan writes favoring Keitz

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webmaster | 05/17/14

I have been able to go to several of the candidate nights in both Chowchilla and Oakhurst to watch a good debate involving the candidates for the Madera County Sheriff’s Department and the district attorney’s office. They seemed to be well-attended and interesting events.

Both Ms. Neal and Mr. Linn continue to say that they would each have their own caseload, but as a manager that is difficult to accomplish. I manage 40 people at my place of business, and with all the things that have to be done (HR, safety, environmental needs, not to mention facility improvements and the financials) it is a full-time job just to stay on top of everything. I think it’s a noble idea, but neither feasible nor cost effective.

There were several things that didn’t add up while listening to David Linn’s comments and answers to the many questions that were asked. First, he talks about all of his experience in the courtroom, but that was defending clients either for criminal cases where he went up against the DA’s office to clear them or it was a civil action. It appears to me that Linn has no experience in the prosecution of criminals. He also stated that he likes the courtroom since it’s his stage and he’s the actor. I for one don’t want an actor for our DA; I want someone who’s tough on criminals. Let the actors perform in Hollywood.

Linn continues to state that he has managed staff in his law office for many years and along with command experience while in the Navy. Mr. Linn, thank you for your service to our country. Do you really think that managing people in the military is the same as supervising employees in either the private or public sector? I think there’s a huge difference, in the military people need to follow your orders or there are penalties if you don’t. Ms. Neal has said that her managing experience comes from the many classes which she has taken. What real practical management skills does she have?

Something else I stumbled on while cleaning up some old newspapers I had laying around were comments Linn made which appeared in the Madera Tribune article “Snapshots of Madera’s Yesteryears” dated 10-29-13 where Linn describes himself as a “social liberal.” The original article, dated 10-28-1988, was when Linn ran for Congress against Richard Lehman. I don’t want any liberal, social or otherwise, to be the chief law enforcement officer for Madera County.

Mr. Linn also stated that he has the endorsement of several law enforcement associations in the area. I know from my past experience as an officer working for Fresno Police Department and as board member of the FPOA (Fresno Police Officers’ Association) there were many times that the rank and file didn’t agree with the political action committees’ or the executive boards’ decisions on who to support for political office.

In my opinion, Madera County needs a strong DA who will put criminals in jail or prison. I want someone who will not be afraid to put the safety of Madera County first, even if it goes against the grain of other political bodies. I think that Michael Keitz is the man for the job.

Jim Cavallero,


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