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Madera locals are reading the meters

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webmaster | 10/02/12

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  • A woman “called regarding your commentary on Monday, Sept. 25 by Floyd and Marybeth Brown. I enjoyed the article and yes I agree that we have to quit kicking the can down the road for our children, and future generations. But how do we get them to stop? We can write these articles, but to come together, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and actually make the change. We need to get it done.”
  • A man “gave kudos to the lady who commented on the teacher not letting the child go to the bathroom. I probably would have did the same thing to the teacher because the same thing happened to my son when he was in second grade at Alpha School and they did nothing about it.”
  • A lady called “for Brenda and just wanted to let you know your Avon is in.”
  • A woman had an answer for the “gentleman who called about the water meters being read by out-of-town people and those from across the border.” The lady said, “it is still Madera locals that are doing the meter reading. They are not from across the border.”
  • A lady “just wanted to compliment the Tribune on such positive and local articles the last few days. Monday, was the Love Madera and the awesome coverage of Abby Day. Keep up the great work with our local news.”
  • “What a great way to end his series on his days in San Francisco during the Sixties,” said a woman. “(columnist Leon) Emo’s ‘Meanderings’ Saturday painted a terrific picture of the hippie era. I enjoy all of his writing, but especially the old days in Madera and his travels.”
  • But another woman caller said, “How can you print anything of that druggie Emo? And he talks about that girl Starlight back in San Francisco and kissing her. Do you really think he loves who he calls my gal that much, if at all?”
  • “That’s really representing what the people want,” began a man. “The board of supervisors voted for privatization of the county’s water districts despite everyone being against it. There is something going on behind closed doors with this group and this all but proves it.”
  • A woman called about “a program,” but was just too hard for the Red Line to understand.
  • “The new after-school program is just another name for Club Yes,” said a lady. “They do not have any structure. It is just a bunch of kids running around. They don’t know what to do, not even doing their homework.”
  • A woman called “about the field next to Esparanza Market on Lake (Street) and Cleveland (Avenue). I’m wondering when they are going to cut it down. After it catches on fire? I don’t know whose property it is, but those weeds look awful. The homeless people go there and drink and urinate all day long.”
  • “Congratulations to the Kiwanis Club,” said a man. “You did another great job organizing the Old Timers Day Parade. I really enjoyed it again this year.”
  • But another man said, “I was in the parade this year and they could have warned us about all the road repair on 4th Street. I came from out of town and had real trouble getting down to the staging area.”

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