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Madera deserves wider highways

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webmaster | 05/31/13

I’m wondering if I am the only person in Madera that saw the article in the Fresno Bee about the upgrading of State Route 99; maybe I’m the only one upset that again we get disrespected and cast aside.

The map showing Hwy. 99 from Bakersfield to Stockton, I believe, six to eight lanes. Man, it sure is great, wait a minute, is that the entire county of Madera, with the only section of two lane road, yes road, not highway, people, in the whole valley.

Tell you what I know is happening, same as with the city and county roads, and everything else in this county. The elected and appointed officials. You ask a city official about a problem or concern, oh, that’s county, the county, that’s state, guess what the state official will say. Seems all anyone cares to do is collect paycheck and work on their pension and health care benefits.

I’ve been told that our state and federal representatives will not listen to us, they’ll only do for Los Angeles and the Bay Area. I don’t buy this for one minute. First you get all city and county, MUSD, Chamber of Commerce, and so on, and I don’t know all the governments for the our county. You form some kind of task force, if you will.

You hold a town hall meeting, recruit volunteers, the retiree community especially. I can make phone calls, write letters, attend meetings. I’m sure our leaders can come up with a plan, most of us are willing to help and can follow instructions, some of us.

One incident that comes to mind. A couple years back, my grandson was in Valley Children’s Hospital with a ruptured appendix; he’s doing just great. We met a couple from somewhere up north. They commented on how beautiful our hospital was, but, the road leading to it, Avenue 9, they thought was terrible. Is this how we want visitors to think of our county?

Madera County needs a six-lane highway like the rest of the valley, we’re just as good, and pay the same amount of taxes. Come on officials, let’s unite and do something.

Joe R. Correa,


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