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Lots to say about the election

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webmaster | 11/06/12

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  • A man “had a complaint about the Madera High football program. Coach McKinney has players that he favors. I’ve seen Michael Say perform well and he’s a senior and a leader. And when they get in trouble, why doesn’t he discipline all the kids. They end up playing the following week.”
  • A woman wanted to know “why the school district and the Madera Tribune is hiding from doing an article on the grades scandal when it’s in the Fresno Bee, Channel 30 and other news? It is very convenient that Madera Tribune doesn’t do it. I had to do my own investigation. It’s a real shame Madera Unified and the Madera Tribune didn’t do anything about it.”  (WEBMASTER'S NOTE: If I recall correctly, The Madera Tribune was the first media outlet to cover the story.)
  • A lady called in “regards to (Leon) Emo’s column of Oct. 26. I thought it was an excellent masterpiece. I congratulate Emo. Keep up the good work and I’m one of your most dedicated readers.”
  • “How dare these people writing letters to the Tribune try to tell people how to vote,” said a woman. “Last time I checked, people could vote for whomever they please. I’ve never seen so many hateful people as there are in Madera.”
  • A woman gave her name and said, “I thought we were supposed to get a senior’s page on the last Wednesday of the month. Well, we certainly don’t have it.”
  • A caller left a message “about the supervisor’s race. The supervisor that is retiring, Ronn Dominici, was in the city, and Max Rodriguez, his district is in the city. Why do we need two in the city when everyone is cutting county jobs? Why don’t we just have three supervisors and they are all from the county area? Why do we have supervisors for the city? I believe the city council only has people from the city. Nobody from the county is on that. Maybe we should cut two jobs and save the money for employees and save the peons some jobs?”
  • “There isn’t time before the election for me to write a letter in response so I’m calling the Red Line,” began a gentleman who left his name. “I saw an ad by supervisor candidate Rick Farinelli in the paper. At best it is full of half-truths, but mostly inaccuracies concerning his opponent Gary Svanda. The ad said Svanda had taken away a kids’ sports field and built a dog park at Rotary Park. The truth is that area was not used by children, but as an adult soccer league on weekends. After every weekend there would be beer cans and trash all over the area. There were fights and gang activities after the soccer games. Today there is none of that, thanks to Svanda.”
  • A man also said, “supervisor candidate Farinelli is filling the pages of the Tribune with ads that should make his opponent think about suing him for libel or slander. Svanda has been an excellent city council member. He helped to construct the Youth Center that is used by hundreds of kids. He renovated the community swimming pool that is now an excellent place for families to use during the summer. He instituted cleanup programs throughout the city while he was mayor. And I could go on. But most of all, with the budget crisis, and other cities going broke; he has saved the jobs of numerous city workers with his plans and ideas that were passed by the council.”
  • “You have two candidates for supervisor,” began another man. “One has some business experience. Then you have the other candidate that has been on the city council for many years and the city is in pretty good financial shape considering other cities in California that have gone bankrupt. Tell me, who has the experience?”
  • A woman “was shocked when school board trustee candidate Chuck Genseal came to my door. Yes, I will vote for him. It has been 20 years and I have never met a trustee from the school district.”
  • Another man said, “The only candidate worth voting for a spot on the school board is Bob Garibay. Over these many years of turmoil within the district and on the board he is the only one that has kept a level head, and with his financial background as a CPA has kept the district as financially sound as possible in these troubled economic times.”
  • There were many calls on the “the transition between Madera Disposal and Red Rock Environmental.” A man said. “The current dumpsters are going away, but there is nothing being put back by the new outfit to put garbage in. The county supervisors thought they had a garbage problem before, wait until now. I would have thought the new company’s containers would be in place before the old company could take theirs out.”
  • A woman said, “thank you, Madera County, for screwing up our garbage pickup. Red Rock will not call us back, none of us. We’ve already had our bins picked up by the old company and now we have no place to put our garbage. Red Rock said just put it out in a plastic bag and we’ll pick it up. Well, before the pickup came the dogs. After they go through it maybe we should just take it to the government center.”
  • A man “had to laugh at the Madera Tribune and their mistakes. The article about the landfill and the new company had two pictures, one on the front page and one on the inside, both refer to the recycling facility for the city of Madera. I thought this was the county of Madera. You people need to shape up and get your stories right.”
  • “Yesterday, a little black puppy was poisoned,” said a woman. “The police took the man and the dog away, and now the dog is back at the house. How can they do that? The puppy couldn’t even move and now he’s back.”

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