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Lots of comments on road construction

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webmaster | 08/07/12

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  • A man drove “by the National Guard Armory on Yosemite,” and had this comment: “It looks horrible. The grass is dying. Nobody takes care of it. We had this problem three years back and here it is coming again. Can’t they be more proud of their facility? It’s embarrassing to the city of Madera.”
  • A woman said, “It’s great to see the kids in the park. But if you look at the nasty tables the kids are eating on it’s a wonder they don’t get really sick. Can you please come out at least once a week and pressure-wash the tables? You guys do a great job, but please wash the tables.”
  • “I’m wondering why everyone is complaining about (Mitt) Romney’s overseas trip,” began a man. “I think he did a great job in England. Not as a presidential candidate, but as a court jester. He’s catching a lot of laughs.”
  • A man called “in support of the person who called about the Road 28 and Avenue 14 1/2 intersection. There’s been many traffic accidents with two of them fatal ones at that intersection. Neither the county nor the city will take the responsibility for putting in a four-way stop. They did it at Yosemite and Tozer, but only after a child was killed. I hope it won’t take that to fix this intersection.”
  • A woman asked “why the paper used such a large font on the headline in today’s edition regarding sex slaves? I realize it’s an important story, but normally that size font is reserved for declaring war.”
  • A man said, “that apartment at 214 W. 8th St. where the prostitution ring was being run out of, I bet those people are being covered by Section 8. These people don’t even belong here.”
  • “Here’s something for everybody to read,” said a man. “I was at Save Mart and there was a man with a baby and young boy. He handed the clerk checks and the clerk tells me they’re food assistance checks. Well, he wasn’t buying food for the kids, but he needed money to buy a lottery ticket. I asked the clerk who’s paying for these checks and she said, ‘We are,’ out of my tax money. That’s a bunch of crap. All right, I just wanted to get that off my chest.”
  • A woman asked “if we could get a definitive date on the completion of the Ellis Street overpass? It seems like it has been going on forever. There is no onramp or off-ramp. It’s just an overpass. I don’t understand why it’s taking so long to complete it. Now we’re getting started on the renovation of 4th Street. Rainy season is right around the corner. Can we get some kind of date of completion?”
  • A man said, “It is well documented that the Madera County Superior Court building, after inspection, has mold inside it. This old building was once a school house. It had been condemned twice as per the education code. How can you say it is safe for the public and the offices of the court? Also, why have all the public drinking fountains been taken out of the building and not replaced with bottled water for the public?” He suggested, “Why didn’t the county, after the fire in the DA’s office, tear down the building and replace it with portables that have no asbestos?”
  • A man said “the beginning of each season, we get a couple of complaints about the noise the speedway makes.” A further remark, not totally understandable, “said the promoter mentioned it was one of the best modified races he’s seen in his entire career. Way to go, Madera Speedway, and keep the noise coming.”
  • A woman “needed to buy a toilet. I went to the two big home improvement stores and I wanted an American-made toilet. Neither store carried an American-made toilet. But the manager of one of them came and got on the computer and found one that his store carries. Sure enough it arrived and the box says, ‘American made by American muscle,’ and it feels so good to look at that box.”
  • A woman was “sorry to see the landscaping on the median on Tozer is being allowed to dry up. Surely, someone could give it some water. It is such a shame to let it dry up.”

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