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Lots of comments on La Vina School

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webmaster | 04/24/12

All comments are edited for length and content. Because of content and space limitations some comments may not be published. More than one comment from the same person in the same week will normally not be published. If your message contains profanity it will not be used. Please keep your calls to two minutes or less.

  • A man called “in regards to these campaign posters that are put up at intersections in the county. They are too close, and when you pull up to the intersection it is hard to see past that politician’s sign. I won’t mention his name, but somebody needs to talk to those people and move their signs back away from the intersection before we have a major accident.”
  • A woman said, “Madera Unified (School District) managed to kick out a kid that has perfect attendance, has good grades, because he has a disability they don’t know how to handle. Where are our taxes going? What kind of school district do we have?”
  • A man responded “to the woman who said Obama is placing spies in the senior citizen homes. Well, if you’re around long enough you won’t have to worry about that because if Mitt Romney is elected he’s going to cut it and close them down anyway.”
  • A woman said, “the crime we’re having around the area nowadays, you can blame it on the unions. Because unions love to lower wages and keep people poor and control these criminals. And, of course, they’re in and out of jail all the time. This is stupid. We ought to get rid of the unions. People need to earn their right to work.”
  • A lady said, “it was so nice to read the newspaper Monday (April 16) and see so many wonderful local events. So nice to see positive instead of all sadness.”
  • “I agree with the woman who said 30-plus years ago we had classy dress stores,” began a lady. “We had beautiful department stores. Now all we have is thrift stores. How is our economy doing? This should tell you.”
  • A woman responded to the caller last week who said she had to pay after standing in line at a free food distribution. Unfortunately, this week’s caller was not understood except that she said, “I’ve never had to do that.”
  • A lady said this about “the School District Board of Trustees. After cutting the after-school program they promised us money next year for it because they sure shut down a very good Club YES program.”
  • A woman quoted the Madera Unified motto. “Every child, every day, whatever it takes.” Then said, “Then do whatever it takes to get (principal) Patricia Lopez out of La Vina School. She’s the rudest person and nobody likes her, including the kids.”
  • “Make no mistake, Mr. Chuck Doud,” began a woman. “La Vina School was a great school even before Patty Lopez came.”
  • A man called “after reading Chuck Doud’s editorial about the La Vina incident. He is exactly right. It is a wonderful school doing what it needs to do to push the children to have better lives. Farm work is a hard job. But as each generation grows their parents should encourage them to do more and that includes a better education than the last generation. These parents need to give their children a dose of reality and show them what it is all about.”
  • A caller thought “it is so sad, the killing of that young 16-year-old in our city. Gang members have no heart or love, only evil and hate to take a young human’s life. Now they will have to pay for that for the rest of their lives.”
  • A woman was “so tired of people renting houses and leaving their junk and trash in the yard.” She suggested, “landlords, check your houses.”
  • A caller wanted “to thank Mike Phelps and Charlotte Brewer for last week’s hosting of the Relay For Life disc golf tournament at Lions Town and Country Park. We had a nice turnout and had lots of fun. Next year should be even better. We also want to thank (columnist) Leon Emo for covering the event. Maybe next year the weather will be better and maybe Leon can wear his shorts.”
  • A lady who read the Red Line “tonight after dinner” said, “I laughed while reading some of the complaints. The praises were awesome as well. The Red Line is the best.”
  • “I would like to praise Mr. (Paul) Stanford for his articles on Tim Tebow,” said a caller. “It is so refreshing to hear about an athlete like this when, in this day and age, so many are killing, violent and are praised by the fans. Thank you for doing this.”
  • A regular caller and “concerned citizen” spoke “about the high-speed rail. My question is, if this speed rail is going to run on diesel, the highest price fuel, or electric, if PG&E will give us a break. I think you know the answer to both those questions.”
  • A caller said, “the Tribune really had some coverage of the Raymond Parade with both Leon Emo and Bill Coate up in Raymond that day.”

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