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webmaster | 08/20/13

All comments are edited for length and content. Because of content and space limitations some comments may not be published. More than one comment from the same person in the same week will normally not be published. If your message contains profanity it will not be used. Please keep your calls to two minutes or less.

  • A man said, “while the rest of the country is experimenting with delayed starts for high schools Madera Unified is even starting earlier. Statistics show that starting school later is better.”
  • “Perhaps the Madera Tribune should have taken pictures of all the trash that was left behind after the Murrieta Ride,” began a lady. “down Avenue 14 all the way out to Avenue 17. Why do we let these people do this?”
  • Another man said, “the Murrieta Ride may get good publicity, but I don’t even know if it raises money for a good cause. I do know you can tell where they have been. There is trash everywhere. If they need a permit to do this ride they should be held accountable for the garbage they leave behind on Madera County roads.”
  • A caller said, “on May 26 the Tribune reported that the board of supervisors slammed the grand jury for its unprofessional and reckless report criticizing the Madera County CAO. The board declared its absolute confidence in the CAO. Good for the board. Earlier, on Feb. 26, the board hired an outside auditor to exam the practices of the treasurer-tax collector’s office. Tracy Kennedy, the treasurer-tax collector, said she felt targeted. She should be targeted. For years she has rarely bothered to come to work. Ask any former employee of that office. Several months ago the CAO told her to come to work more often. Then the grand jury started investigating the CAO. The grand jury investigated the wrong person.”
  • A woman said, “if Mrs. Kennedy was doing her job correctly and not slacking in her responsibility as county tax collector she wouldn’t be harassed. She can be replaced in the next election.”
  • A lady “wanted to defend the board of supervisors and Max Rodriguez. Last week a caller said Mr. Rodriguez was disrespectful in talking to tax collector Tracy Kennedy during a board meeting. I think the caller was wrong. Watch the archive from the Aug. 6 board meeting on the county’s website and see what you think.”
  • A hard to understand gentleman who called about “the (not understood) at the supervisor’s meeting? What happened to the English, the American? Why have (again, same word, but not understood). They are not even citizens. If they are they haven’t been here as long as the supervisors have been. It’s absolutely ridiculous. They stopped saying prayers in school. They stopped having Christmas decorations, so why the Hindu? It isn’t right.”
  • A lady called “in regards to a transmission shop (name given) on Gateway (Drive). I want to say thank you to the fellas that worked on my transmission and my car is working great. I would recommend them to anyone. They were so joyful and let me know exactly what was wrong. And they were very reasonable.”
  • “I want to comment on our president,” began a man. “Seems like people forget what Bush and Cheney did. What they did was war crimes and Obama is trying to clean up their mess. Don’t forget we are outnumbered. If the Middle East wants to attack us they can. They have millions of people. Just be quiet and let this president do his job or we all die.”
  • A lady called “about all these country roads out here by the Melba (Drive) area. I know they are fixing all the streets downtown and I would like the mayor and everyone else working on the roads to come on out and have a nice, hot cup of coffee and drive down our street and see how comfortable it is with all the potholes and everything. God bless and thank you and please do something with our roads.”
  • “I’m the lady in the baseball cap walking a big white dog at least four days a week, “began a caller. “Crossing Olive Avenue at Martin (Street) has become extremely hazardous. Those white lines are called a crosswalk. Those people in them, contrary to popular belief, are not moving targets. We are pedestrians. If the 15 seconds it takes for me to cross the street makes you late for your destination then buy a darn alarm clock and wake up sooner and stop for pedestrians.”
  • “I haven’t called in a while, love the Trib,” began a woman. “This is (last name given), the whole USA is upside down; right is wrong and wrong is right. Ten thousand inmates being released from prisons. This population is more than some towns. ‘Mad Max’ (the movie) here we come.”
  • A woman called and “had some comments about members of the Mormon Church. I have a gate with a lock on the driveway. I wasn’t here and they opened the gate and walked all the way to my front door to drop off their flyers. I would appreciate if they don’t do it anymore. It is private property. We had the gate closed so people don’t go into my property. I know it’s a church, but I’m never going to change my religion.”
  • A man “wanted to start off by complimenting the Tribune on their coverage of the Bobby Sox tournament in Madera. It was great. But I’ve talked to quite a few people around town, and whatever happened to any of the results from the Babe Ruth team that went to Arizona? You put a list of all the sponsors and yet nothing ever came out about our Babe Ruth team in Arizona. I’ve talked to some of the parents and sponsors and nothing was in the paper.” (Note: Coaches were asked to please send in the results but the Tribune received nothing and attempts to reach the coaches were unsuccessful.)
  • A lady called in response “to the man who said we were giving Obama a bad time because of his color. I just want to remind him we are tired of this race game. Perhaps he’s living in a cave because he obviously hasn’t heard about the phony scandals with the IRS and Benghazi and I can go on and on. So get out of the cave and educate yourself.”
  • A man had a different opinion. “I agree somewhat with last week’s caller. But it’s all politics by the Republicans. Let’s not forget Bush’s scandals like Abu Ghraib prison, the fact he lied about weapons of mass destruction that resulted in a needless war that has cost hundreds of thousands of lives and the lives of thousands of our brave soldiers. You can throw in the Halliburton scandal, Enron, CIA failures prior to 9/11, and you can look this up in several places: there were 12 attacks on U.S. embassies during the Bush presidency resulting in 60 deaths. So yes, partly due to the media it’s all a blame game.”
  • A woman “responded to the negative review of the (Madera Community) Hospital’s emergency room. A number of years ago my daughter worked there as an RN and now Sacramento. People are treated as to the seriousness of their condition. Those with life-threatening conditions are treated first. Wait times, my daughter tells me in Sacramento are 6-8 hours if your injury or condition is not life-threatening. You should see your doctor unless you have intolerable pain. The same goes for the prisoners and they are not allowed to wait with the general public but in the hall.”
  • “The city finally got rid of that old car at the airport,” began a caller. “Talk about an eyesore. There is still some stuff and junk out there, but at least it looks a little better at that end of the airport.”
  • A man “called on the editorial, I guess it’s editor Doud. How sickening can you be? You think it is so funny to put a broomstick in the behind. Why don’t you try it? Is there something going on between you and the cat you’re always writing about? I think you are sickening and I dare you to put this in the Red Line. Maybe someone can take a picture of a broomstick and you sitting on it.”
  • “This is for the editor, Mr. Doud,” began a woman. “You wrote the article about presidents being funny. I don’t like Bush, but he needs to be respected. The masks I didn’t like, and when they threw the shoe at him I didn’t like it. But now you are condoning the fact they are making fun of our president Obama and it has sexual undertones. And you’re condoning that? As a parent I would have walked out. I wouldn’t want my children to see them making fun of the president.”
  • A man was “watching the irrigation water running down the gutter on west Yosemite this morning. This is seven days a week at 6:30 a.m. There is no code enforcement and no water patrol so I’ve called the city three times and been told someone will check it out. The first call was June 1.”

Thank you for your calls. Remember the Red Line is open for your messages 24 hours a day by calling 674-4478.


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