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Long march down a dangerous path

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webmaster | 12/17/12

It has been a less than stellar journey, and it’s difficult to tell where it all began. I will probably miss the start. There is nothing hidden in a corner except the truth.

Out in the open, the Supreme Court yielded to the lie that we had to protect the people’s government from religious influence rather that protect religion from government’s interference. We had to protect our citizens from undue moral influence and keep the name of God and His laws of societal justice (10 Commandments) out of our schools. Interestingly, no one questioned those wise justices. We remained silent, almost complicit.

Emboldened, the march continued with removal of crosses and courthouse commandment memorials. All this action based on an obvious misinterpretation of the first amendment.

When the AIDS epidemic surfaced, the homosexual population acquired a right of privacy not given to those with syphilis and gonorrhea, the kinds of diseases traced back to the source carriers was needed but their rights exceeded the right of the public at large to be protected from infection. And almost in the same wave of irresponsibility the same kind of wise men in Lawrence vs. Texas decided that a crime, sodomy, done in private is no longer prosecutable. I am glad murder done in private doesn’t have immunity.

In another direction but with equally stark wisdom, some of our citizens have convinced our legislatures to determine that we, as powerful human beings, control the weather via carbon dioxide emissions. And they have devised a tax scheme to punish producers of the gas. (Please refrain from exhaling.)

Political correctness has caused us to ignore the obvious contradiction of values when we call Islam a religion alone. It is a theocracy bent on control of society in a way which would deny rights to non-adherents and women.

Can we continue to stand by in such a “correct” posture while we are accepting a brick-by-brick dismantling of our national culture and suffer the destructive consequences of abandoning our moral core? Based on what I see around me, I think not. Additionally, I apologize for my long silence.

Roger Eulberg,


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