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A little lesson on the E's and S's

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webmaster | 12/30/11

It seems to me that the “E” words “Education” and “Enterprise” have been “eroded” in recent years and replaced by a pursuit of “Entertainment.” The spirit of “Sacrifice” has been replaced by “Satisfaction.” At least one generation has grown up living off “Entitlements” and a second, maybe even a third is already on its way. There is a problem in America today. I think it all boils down to “Ethics.” We, as a nation, are enduring the pain, the disappointment, and soon to come — the desperation that follows as a natural consequence of too many “Expecting” too much for nothing.

This country was built on a foundation of faith, independence and hard work. I maintain that the purpose of our government is to protect and defend us from all enemies foreign and domestic. It is easy for us to recognize a wretched pathetic, and morally bankrupt Middle Eastern extremist group as an enemy of the United States, but, somehow, we fail to discern people who fraudulently collect welfare, food stamps, and other public assistance as enemies of our country, which they are.

I am all for helping those who need, truly need, help. We are a generous nation. What America is passing through today has been a long time in coming. It is wrong for one generation to saddle the following generation with tremendous debt.

We have all grown up with high “Expectations” of being able to live in the lap of luxury and prosperity. There is plenty of opportunity in this country, but we need to have the eyes to be able to perceive it. I once read a book in which a father counseled his son with the words, “Hay que hacerte valer.” (You have to make yourself valuable.) Prepare yourself for more than one career. Society’s needs and demands change and fluctuate. I recall back in the 1970s one time a waitress took my order at  restaurant. I asked her why she had that job. She told me, “Schools are closing because population is down. I have a doctorate. This is all I could find so far.” I admired that person because she was willing to work as a waitress even though she was highly qualified and educated for something much better and more lucrative. My point is, “If you can’t find the job you want, take the job you can get until something better comes along.”

Today we see creative people starting up their own new businesses; people with initiative not giving up. But there are too many people who think this world owes them a
living. An attitude like that is not going to get you anywhere.

Brian Donald O’Donovan


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