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Likes Obamacare even less now

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webmaster | 08/21/13

I attended a presentation on the Affordable (?) Health Care Plan, also known affectionately as Obamacare. I knew I did not like it much when I went in and knew I was glad I was not an employer when I came out. It seemed as if the government is against all employers, especially those with more than 50 employees.

I could easily see why most employers are against Obamacare as it is so confusing and complicated, and that is one reason the president has delayed the employer mandate until 2015. I am convinced that the whole thing needs to be delayed, unfunded or simply repealed.

President Obama is spending $67 million of our money to try and sell this monstrosity to the American people but he simply glosses over any good parts and ignores everything else. This 2,000-plus-page bill is a train wreck, as one of the authors of the bill put it. I do not remember all the penalties and fines for employers if they screw up and I’m sure many of them will.

The best place to be is on Medicare, because I don’t believe much will change for us, but we have to pity our children and grandchildren that will have to deal with this if it is not done away with and something better instituted in its place.

The 40-hour work week will be pretty much gone because employers are making part-timers out of many employees, 30 hours per week, then they don’t have to deal with the health care issues. How can most employees afford to pay their bills, house payments, or rent on 30 hours or less per week?

If you don’t know much about this Obamacare, you need to do some homework and learn about it, because if you are only listening to the President then you are not learning anything.

Frank Bradford,


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