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The likely effects of AB1266

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webmaster | 05/17/13

I was made aware of AB bill 1266 recently, and it is both expected and sad. It proposes to make one’s gender identity (what one thinks their sex is) to be the criteria for gym, bathroom, showers and sport-playing access and use.

When morality was separated from the law and the invented right of privacy allowed what was immoral to be “acceptable,” we who may still be the majority lost our right to have our morals protected and own decency maintained. Should we stand silent and allow the concept of morality to be erased so that any immoral act of sexual deviance is permissible. No! Will the new ethic lead to allowing sexual coercion. Will it lead to prosecution of those wanting to avoid immoral association. Will it silence expressing moral standards. The obvious answer is yes.

There is no limit to which depravity can sweep over us when we continually redefine the basic tenets of decency. There was a standard now held in contempt by progressive (read amoral) folk — it is the biblical standard. We as a nation have remained silent until all standards are up for examination and possible rejection or alteration to meet the needs of some interest group holding political sway.

We are in grave danger as our constitution is being ignored and the separation of powers expressed therein is treated with disdain. When we continue to elect immoral representatives — holding them to no standard of truth or integrity — we commit societal suicide. Ultimately no institution, be it a bank, a food supplier, a court, a school, et cetera will operate except in lawlessness.

The return to sanity can only be achieved when the citizens return to moral principles. If we do not take responsibility for our personal standards, none will exist in our society. The kind of reformation needed is revival!

Roger Eulberg,


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