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Letters: writers like Farinelli’s experience

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webmaster | 05/23/12

I recently heard it stated that Rick Farinelli does not have experience in government boards. Isn’t this a refreshing idea in this environment of the professional politician?

When his competitors claim he doesn’t have this “governmental experience” they don’t realize they are giving him a vote of confidence because of his background to many of us.

Rick does not follow the “you have to go along to get along” trade-off bargain, so he will always do what is best for Madera County. Rick expects an effective service from Madera County, not a “good enough for government work” type of service. Rick, running for District 3 supervisor, believes only in small, effective, and non-intrusive government. He believes in the power of the individual.

Rick’s business experience is exceptional, and that will enable him to help modify the “Madera County way” to a more “business service-like way.”

Rick has an uncanny common sense which is not all that common these days. It is important to Rick to get and keep the budget under control, and Rick will do that because he is dedicated to small governments with maximum individual freedom and minimal government intrusion.

Vote for Rick for a more effective Madera County government.

Bruce & Adelaide Koch,

‘First, do no harm’ should be motto

Oh, the wisdom of Hippocrates … How was it that he understood ethics in a way that today’s liberal politicians, media and academics are unable to comprehend?

Primum non nocere, meaning “First, do no harm,” is a medical aphorism loosely derived from the Hippocratic oath set forth in ancient Greece more than 2,500 years ago. This simple maxim is based on the idea that no matter how much humans think they know, decisions in real life are made with incomplete information and imperfectly executed by flawed human beings. If doctors, therefore, are to act ethically they must first protect the rights of the helpless against further harm. They should only take an action if there is a compelling reason to do so; for the unintended consequences of any action taken to heal may end up causing more harm than good. In other words, good intentions mean nothing.

The patient on the operating table is the Body Politic of America. It is being dissected and assaulted daily by laws and regulations that skirt or exceed constitutional limits and damage the rights and property of some citizens simply to advance the demands of others.

The politicians operating on this patient are like a well intentioned emergency room intern who after stabilizing the accident victim decides to go beyond his authority and “improve” the victim by performing plastic surgery, without realizing that after numerous incisions, the patient had lost so much blood she is now in need of life support.

For generations our government has inflicted social experimentation upon America. Aside from the social impacts, faith in America and its future is predictably disappearing because even advances in technology to improve our material lives can no longer keep up with increasingly invasive and incompetent governance that is destroying not just the spirit of the nation but its economic foundation.

The high-speed rail program is a spectacular tribute to the hubris of unethical liberal politicians, pushing a system that will slice the length of our state at ruinous expense, creating wealth for a few, multitudes of losers all along its path, and a legacy of debt for our children. Thankfully, local elected officials in our city and county governments have now collectively resolved to first, do no harm and to oppose highspeed rail as an abuse of state power and an outrage against ethics and common sense.

Christopher Green,

Fate of after-school agendas unresolved

Unfortunately, MUSD Trustees will be robbing Peter to pay Paul if they take monies from special education and transportation, and will need to lay off more MUSD employees because they were not awarded the threeyear ACES grant to start the after-school program for fall of 2012 ($4 to $5 million).

MUSD will need to spend 2 to 3 percent of its annual budget to create, sustain, and fund a more academic after-school program as mentioned by Mr. Bragonier.

Parents, students, and employees should not subscribe to the unethical tactics that continue to happen with our trustees. It’s going to be a travesty of justice when the state will need to take over Madera Unified School District and the district will be declaring “insolvent.” Which means our beloved superintendent would be immediately fired and MUSD trustees would lose all powers and become an advisory panel.

With less than a week of school and parents with no guidance regarding next year’s afterschool program from Mrs. DiMauro (afterschool program coordinator) this topic continues to be ignored by Trustee President Ricardo Arredondo, and this crisis was not on the agenda for the board meeting scheduled for Tuesday.

Ron Montoya,
MSW, Madera


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