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Letters: Writer favors Soldani for judge

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webmaster | 04/23/12

June 5 will be the third time in four years that one person is running for Madera County Superior Court judge (2008, 2010, and 2012). He, again, is challenging a judge who has been serving our community well.

He has a right to run for public office but he also has an obligation to tell us why he should be elected instead of the judge who is already doing the job well. The challenger hasn’t done that. A lawyer who doesn’t make his case loses his case.

Both of these men asked the same governor for appointment to the Madera County Superior Court. Attorney Soldani was investigated and vetted in a manner more thorough than what we do for most people running for public office. He was appointed to the court.

Judge Soldani has promoted justice by handling more than a thousand criminal cases in the last two years. His challenger has been promoting himself since his last defeat.

Judge Soldani has served area taxpayers for much of the last 30 years as a Madera County prosecutor, Madera city attorney and now judge. His challenger mentions but does not emphasize his practice of law. He is rarely seen in a Madera County courtroom. Instead, he talks about three jobs that he had in six years before going to school.

Judge Soldani graduated from college, law school and judicial college. His challenger admits he did not finish college. While we have locally elected leaders who perform their duties well without a college education, we should expect something different from our judges.

Judge Soldani is endorsed by serving and retired judges of Madera County, Madera County Sheriff John Anderson, Madera County District Attorney Michael Keitz, and scores of others who care about having educated, experienced, and accomplished people making incredibly important decisions that affect the lives of all of us.

Please join me in voting to keep Judge Joseph Soldani in office. If it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it.

Charles A. Wieland,

Is work on HSR already under way?

A little birdie informed me that the drill rig in operation over the past few days, along Raymond Road near the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad tracks east of Madera is working on high speed rail-related geotechnical engineering.

Such contracts are being awarded, monies are being spent, and jobs are being created and/or saved.

Now the drillers are not sworn to secrecy, but generally they honor their client’s wishes. Perhaps their client (a consulting engineering firm) could expand on their work?

Jerry Kazynski,

La Vina kids will be treated to game

It was brought to my attention the other day that a classroom at La Vina school under teacher Maggie Vaiarello has been collecting pull tabs for the Ronald McDonald House since August. They have collected 20 pounds, which will allow a family to stay at the Ronald McDonald House for three days and two nights.

I found this heart-warming that a classroom of young students would work so hard to help someone they had never met for an entire school year. I will be taking the entire class plus one parent for each child on May 11 to Grizzly Stadium at 7 p.m. No cost to the children or their families. I have been working with the Grizzlies give the classroom special recognition and make it a remarkable night for them.

Superintendent Gustavo Balderas and his family will be attending with them, also. There will be 30 kids plus 30 parents and 10 members from the community. Their efforts to do something for someone else quietly are outstanding.

Lynn Cogdill, trustee
Madera Unified School District

A little sanity in the world, please

I finished spraying the grapes as the sun set tonight. God’s promise of another day, it was beautiful.

Also tonight we have a teenager lying cold in the morgue, lifeless. Why?

I got a call today from Love, Inc., about having them come out and pray over our animals.

We have pictures of body parts in Afghanistan.

Security guards going nuts on a night out.

High-speed rail scam.

Is there any place that is sane?

As for Afghanistan, I would like to see a sign that read Population Zero, Body Parts 100 percent. Same for Pakistan and Iran. Madera Population 40,000, gang members zero.

Teco, Home Depot, Lowe’s out of rope. Back ordered. Forty-caliber bullets back ordered for the P.D.

Sunset, calm and beautiful. That is what I would like to see.

When are we going to have enough? I have had enough.

Bill Hoffrage,


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