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Letters: why we should watch Wisconsin

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webmaster | 06/02/12

I have been following the recall election of Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin with much interest, because they are saying this could be a harbinger of things to come in November nationally.

The unions in Wisconsin are trying to recall Walker. When Gov. Walker was elected in 2010 he inherited a $3.6 billion deficit. Wisconsin now has a surplus, so his policies are definitely working. Wisconsin voted Democratic in 2008 but Republican in 2010. If Walker wins and is not recalled, that could mean more trouble for President Obama. We will find out June 5, same day as our primary in California.

California has much the same problem as the U.S. California is in debt and Gov. Jerry Brown has not been able to get us out of the red. He wants to increase our income taxes and the sales tax, and is using scare tactics to try and accomplish that.

The top 1 percent of California income earners now pay 50 percent of the state income taxes. I don’t know about you but I pay enough taxes. He has not, in my opinion, really worked at reducing spending, much like Obama. California has many commissions and agencies, some of which are redundant or not necessary and we could do without.

Welfare recipients come from other low-paying states to California because California pays the highest welfare of any state. California also has more folks on food stamps than any other state. Brown should get this high speed rail thing out of his head and use that money to help fix our state. He has done nothing about the illegal alien problem which costs us some $13 billion annually nationally but then President Obama does nothing about it either except sue other states that are trying to enforce our immigration laws. Our national debt has increased some $5 trillion since Obama was elected, more than any president in history. He, along with the U.S. Senate, has not tried to reign in entitlements. We have to reduce our spending.

The U.S. Senate also needs to get off its hands and pass a budget which it has refused to do for more than three years.

Frank Bradford,

Here’s a question forthe Afghanis

Once again Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s government is complaining of civilian deaths.

Our one and only question should be: “Do you want us here?” If “No,” then let’s pack our stuff and leave now instead of waiting. If “Yes” then this is what happens:

We don’t know who is who, just like Iraq, Pakistan and the rest of them. Everyone that wants the U.S. there wears a red plaid shirt and Levi’s, including Karzai himself. He can keep his little hat but he better have on a pair of Levi’s. Everyone else is fair game. Tired of this.

Bill Hoffrage,


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