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Letters: Vote for experience and knowledge

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webmaster | 04/13/12

I received a campaign flyer from Rick Farinelli this past week, and although it states he is a candidate for the Madera County Board of Supervisors, it appears that he has either Congress or the State Legislature in mind.

The mailer asks some questions which I guess are to give Mr. Farinelli some direction for his campaign. He asks “Do you believe the Board of Supervisors should raise taxes instead of controlling spending to balance the budget?” And again “Would you vote for a candidate for supervisor who raises taxes and fees on new houses, creates job-killing regulations, and looks to Sacramento and Washington instead of the people in the community to meet local needs?”

The Board of Supervisors does not raise or set taxes, with the exception of the hotel tax in unincorporated areas, which supports tourism in the county. Taxes are set and raised by Congress and the state Legislature.

Maybe we could stop interfacing with Sacramento and Washington and give up three-fourths of the county budget if they would take back their mandates for services that money provides. The Board of Supervisors has only one quarter of the total county budget to “squeeze” in tough economic times like we are experiencing. The other three-fourths is mandated by Sacramento and Washington and is just “pass through” monies to the county for those mandates.

As far as I am aware, the schools are the recipients of housing fees which are set by school districts according to state law. Counties do set building permit fees to pay for the inspection services necessary to ensure uniformity in construction. Oh yeah — the county does set fees for the landfill — to pay for EPA mandates and operational costs.

Maybe Mr. Farinelli could make a difference in taxes if he were a Congressman or state legislator, but I believe we need well informed people on the Board of Supervisors to administer the county business.

I encourage voters to elect experience, not rhetoric.

J. Gordon Kennedy,
Former member, Madera County Board of Supervisors

He liked analysis of Supreme Court

I enjoyed the commentary of Dr. John Sparks in the April 11 Madera Tribune about how little President Obama knows constitutional law. Dr. Sparks teaches constitutional law and business law at Grove City College in Grove City, Pa.

Obama has said it would be unprecedented for the Supreme Court to strike down his health care law, but the court has struck down all or parts of federal enactments for 200 years, 158 to be exact and if you count state and local laws found unconstitutional it is more than 1,300.

The president also tried to demean the court by calling the justices “unelected.” Of course they are unelected because the president appoints them and he has appointed two. He also says if the court strikes down his health care law the court would be “judicial activists.” The court has to do what it is supposed to do, it is just that Obama does not want them to rule against him but since he is wrong so often there is a good chance they will.

Remember when he said we have 52 states or when he proposed veterans pay for their health care but had to back off because of such a backlash and said “some Americans are so selfish.” He is the selfish one, spending taxpayers’ money like there is no tomorrow. He has piled up more debt than any president in history, in fact, more than all presidents combined but yet he takes all his vacations in Hawaii which cost a bundle since he has to take two large jets plus the cars, Secret Service and guests instead of Camp David as other presidents did. I understand his 13-year-old daughter spent spring break in Oaxaca, Mexico, with 12 guests and 25 Secret Service agents at taxpayer expense.

Hopefully, in November, we can make a course correction.

Frank Bradford,

Some thoughts on 4th Street project

Re: The Thursday, April 4, Jim Glynn article on Tiger Woods and golf: Perfect.

Neither one is anything I care much about. The 4th Street and 99 intersection, however, is something I do think about.

Long ago the bridge-on-and-off ramp may have been okay. Then “they” put high fences on the overpass for “safety.”

How is blocking your view with heavy fences safe? Especially when you have to look west into a setting sun.

Make the northbound exit ramp a right turn only, and position it so a vehicle is angled east at the top. Close the southbound on-ramp, and the whole thing will work better.

Put the money into a “Walmart” lane on southbound 99 from Cleveland to 4th exit. Idiots enter 99 at 35-40 and putt putt (golf term) down to 4th Street and exit. This will keep those idiots out of our way.

Move trucks into the so-called fast lane so merging traffic has a chance, and levy $1,000 fines for passing on the right. Think about improving Gateway Drive and I Street as parallel routes.

Bill Hoffrage,


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