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Letters: The story of Pig, a beloved pet

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webmaster | 04/28/12

The news has reported that Mitt Romney tied the family pet, a dog, on top of the car when they went on vacation — not allowing it to be inside the car. He seems to be a kind man, I’m sure his boys would not let him do that.

I’m an animal lover, have been all my life. I was raised on a farm where we had lots of animals. There were times when baby animals had to be raised by us humans.

Once we had a sow, give birth to a litter of piglets. I went with my father to see them. There were several. He picked up a tiny runt and said the sow had too many and this runt would not have a chance, so he would just kill it. I began to cry and begged him not to hurt it. I promised to care for it so he gave it to me. I took the little creature and hurried home to mama who would teach me how to feed and care for it.

Our mother taught us children that God made every living creature on earth and we were supposed to love them and never harm them.

We believed what she taught us. I called my new pet “Pig” and he soon grew fat and happy, bringing much joy and happiness to our family. The rules were that I could not bring him into house. My mother cared for him while I was in school. I was so pleased to read where pigs were smarter than dogs. Pig had a special bed in a box in the yard. He played with our cats and dogs.

When Pig was 2 years old, and I was 10, father announced Pig would be sold the coming fall, to buy me a winter coat. So the first buyer that came in a big truck offered $8. My heart was broken; Pig did not want to leave the family he loved. I knew he was going to the slaughter house in the city. But in our home, father made the rules. I followed the truck as far as I could; even when it turned onto the main highway. I ran behind it until I fell exhausted, where my tears fell on to the dust.

I have never forgotten the pain of losing Pig. I will never forget him; I have never forgotten the pets I’ve had. I was born in 1920, I’ve had so many. Their memories linger; their memory is only a thought away.

I’ve worked many years for the Humane Society. I’ve done all I could to keep animals from suffering. I have three dogs now, all strays; I care for them with kindness and love.

Bonnie Salcido,

Letter shows poor judgment, insight

Regarding the letter to the editor about candidate for Madera County Judge Brian Austin and Judge Joseph Soldani:

The writer, Charles A Wieland, did a good job smearing attorney Brian Austin while at the same time, showing he wants the job as a Madera County Judge. It is obvious he has not given up on the chance to serve the community in which he was raised and lives.

When one wants to support a candidate, it is in bad taste to insult the opponent who does not know defeat.

I found that Charles A Wieland was unnecessarily ruthless to the one man that is willing to give it it’s all with his poor commentary.

I have high hopes that Mr. Wieland will stick to the facts about his own candidate instead of taking community-vetted candidates to the wood shed. A point to ponder!

Lynn Cogdill,
MUSD trustee

Keep up the good work, Ms. Lopez

Re: La Vina school principal Patricia Lopez:

Yes, she may have been likely to give offense by telling that truth (about what would happen if the kids didn’t do well in school).

Our children all went to school in Madera and got a college education. So we have teachers and registered nurses in our family. But it was my husband who took the children out to work in the fields. They picked figs out on the Smith fig orchard at Cleveland Avenue. My girls cried when my husband took them out to pick grapes and the boys to roll and turn trays. That was a hard job but it was a good lesson for them, because they would always have a place to fall back on and earn some wages, and never have to steal or beg for help if they didn’t get the education they needed.

Thank God for good teachers who tell it like it is, or push our kids to try harder, and reenforce parents’ teaching.

Patricia Lopez, keep up the good work.

Virginia Yturaldi,

The HSR question with no answer

Okay, everyone’s been asking the question, but I’m not sure they really want to know the answer — Where’s the private investment in the funding for high-speed rail?

Well, right now nobody’s stepping up to the plate — no rational American investors are going anywhere near this project (California High Speed Rail).

But, what if the money comes from, say China? Or Saudi Arabia?

Problem solved? Move ahead? Build it and they will come?

I don’t think so.

We’d be economic slaves to whoever holds the notes. And that’s the thin ice we’re walking on right now and nobody’s talking about it.

Jerry Kazynski,


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