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Letters: Elect someone to stop big government

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webmaster | 05/04/12

Big government has proven itself to be a job killer by draining the private industrial resources and dollars out of the economy. Our state and local governments have only one source of funds, and most all of us know that these funds come from you and your family to pay for all services. Big government cannot survive without you and your family, and your family cannot survive without jobs.

We elect people who say the right things, and they become wrapped up in the politics of big government. Check them out: If they are career politicians, they are already part of the problem.

We only need government to protect and provide simple services, such as law enforcement, fire, general protection affecting public health, our election system, and our immigration laws. Government should provide no service that can be provided by private firms, business or companies.

The state of California is known to have several hundred thousand employees who are costing us millions of dollars every day. Many of these employees are doing work that could be done by private industry. Government is growing while private industry is dying a slow death.

Most of our elected officials just don’t get it. The government’s good-old-boys’ methods of graft and corruption have no sympathy for you and me, nor do they care about your ability to have a job and earn a family income. It’s the job earner who is paying the taxes that pay for government to keep operating.

It’s time for government to downsize and stop spending our tax dollars. Government should never compete with private industry. When will our governments learn this method of operation? It’s a known fact that government cannot grow the economy, never could and never will. We simply have too many politicians who have failed to understand the process.

When government does work that could be done by private industry, there is a drain of resources and funds on our community. We have been headed in that direction for several years and are still growing government. Our tax base has shrunk under this type government and has built up to our current dilemma, where private industry cannot sustain the drain of their resources and pressure to pay higher taxes.

This method of operation will continue the recession, and if the cycle is not stopped it will ultimately destroy and bankrupt our country.

I have a feeling that our governments, including the federal, state and local systems, have failed us. Our only hope is to start all over. To do this, we must have new leaders with strong economic training directing several fiscal operations. Government must be downsized to reduce its cost. Let’s not forget that private industry, as it now exists, cannot continue to fund the massive size of government, the millions of high-paid workers, and the massive number of laws that cannot be enforced.

We must take a hard look at our career politicians and determine if they are the problem, or are they doing the right job representing you and your family? Just keep this in mind. Our local unemployment rate is somewhere between 15 and 20 percent. It’s been there for many months. Do we need a change to lower these numbers? Just a thought!

Richard Farinelli believes in small government and building our community to have a strong local economy and create jobs. It is for these reasons that the voters in District 3 should consider Rick Farinelli for supervisor.

Garold D. Giersch, P.E.,

Changes at park may hurt county

A group of avowed wellmeaning, yet wholly self-serving special interests are again attempting to further restrict your use of Yosemite National Park.

The potential economic impact on Madera County will be significant and not entirely positive. Whichever trail you find yourself on, please weigh in here on the Wawona blog, and make your voice heard by your representatives, senators and Congress.

These are the same special interests which would remove the historical use of horses from national park lands.

Your opinion counts.

Ray Krause,
Westbrook Wine Farm O’Neals

Soldier’s crime his fault, but ours, too

Our soldier stationed in Afghanistan who had reached his breaking point and had killed local Afghans — my heart goes out to him.

Who is responsible? He is, of course, and his Army superiors. And, as Americans, we are also responsible for his reaching that breaking point.

He sensed he was back in Afghanistan because of those locals, and he also had problems back home.

My heart also goes out for the families of those slain Afghans, and for his family, too.

Do not abandon him. Remember love and compassion for our soldier. Do not hide him in the dark corner of some hospital.

Do not discharge him. Use him to teach fellow soldiers and Army superiors about the signs of nearing breaking points.

If I were president, I would use my powers of military command and issue him a full pardon.

Don Cook,


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