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Letters: Candidate replies to critical letter

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webmaster | 04/18/12

I would like to thank J. Gordon Kennedy, former Madera County supervisor, for his advice. I find it very interesting that he feels that county supervisors are just the pawns of the state Legislature; that the county supervisors have nothing to do with lowering or raising taxes of the Madera County taxpayer.

I have been following our supervisors for more than eight years now and they are not the pawns of the state Legislature. In fact, it took pure guts to go against the state on the high-speed railroad and try to save every taxpaying citizen in California a lot of money on this boondoggle. The other mistake from J. Gordon Kennedy is misquoting my flyer and not stating my questions in full context. In case you haven’t received one of my flyers here is my section on YOUR OPINION MATTERS:

1. Do you believe the Board of Supervisors should raise taxes instead of controlling spending to balance the budget? Yes, raise taxes, no, balance the budget. Check one.

(If you don’t think local governments can’t figure out how to get more taxes out of the taxpaying citizen you need to start going to meetings. If you want to know why business does not want to come to Madera County check out all the fees that an individual has to pay to build a business or add on to a business. Our school fees are the highest in the Valley. Yes, because school [taxes] fees, were raised at the local government level.)

2. Do you think your member of the Board of Supervisors should stop the HSR that will disrupt our community and bring little benefit to anyone expect the special interests and the LA and San Francisco folks who want the train? Yes — Fight to stop the HSR. No — I want the HSR. Check one.

(Spain is subsidizing over $2.2 billion a year into its HSR and is broke just like California.)

3. Should the Board of Supervisors demand Sacramento pay the full price for sending violent criminals to our community, while trying to save money for its special interest projects? Yes — Sacramento should pay full price. No — The people of Madera should pay for state prisoners in our county. Check one.

(Taxpaying citizen, be aware of this one. We have money from the state to add on to our jail with the condition that we would site another state prison in one of our districts.)

4. Do you want a member of the Board of Supervisors who will listen to your concerns and needs on a regular basis, not just for three minutes during a Board meeting? Yes — I want the board to listen to the people. No — Three minutes is long enough for the citizens to be heard. Check one.

(This is why I will have regular hours and Saturday days for town hall meetings. The discussion should include the taxpaying citizens not just members of a board.)

5. Would you vote for a candidate for supervisor who raises taxes and fees on new houses, creates job-killing regulations, and looks to Sacramento and Washington instead of the people in the community to meet local needs? Yes — Ilike officials who raise fees and get money from Washington and Sacramento. No — Iwant our officials to be responsible and balance the budget based on needs and resources. Check one.

6. Are you for the Madera North Fork Rancheria (Casino) project that will bring jobs to Madera? Yes — We need the jobs. No — We do not need these jobs. Check one.

(I personally want to know how the citizens of Madera feel about this project).

Mr. Kennedy, if you would have read the other side of my flyer you would have seen a section with new ideas which include; a Red Team, quarterly town hall meetings, an independent ombudsman and a performance review committee. These ideas are all from the private sector which Ican see you do not believe in. Constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility and a free market are going to correct issues that previous government officials have put in place that harm our cities, county and state.

As far as running for a state Legislature position, Iwould rather work with our Assembly, senators, and congressmen to help Madera County become self-sufficient.

Since you don’t know me at all, please give me a chance to sit down and discuss issues over a cup of coffee. You can find me at my website, or Facebook,

Rick Farinelli,
Candidate for District 3 Supervisor Madera County

Purple ribbons equal more cures

What do all these purple ribbons around town mean? It means that Relay For Life is just around the Corner. Purple is the color used to celebrate cancer survivors and we’ve chosen to “paint our town purple” to get our community interested and ready. Please spread the word and if you happen to find a ribbon down or damaged, please take it down for us. We’d truly appreciate it and thank you very much.

Relay For Life will be held May 5-6 at Lions Town & Country Park on the Industrial Avenue side.

Join us as we raise funds for the American Cancer Society and create a world with more birthdays. To start a team or register for one, please go to:

Charlotte Brewer,
Co-chair, Relay For Life 2012


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