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Letters: a campaign manager responds to mayor

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webmaster | 05/14/12

Mr. Mayor, I want to thank you for recognizing my candidate, Galen Livermore, in your most recent letter (Monday, April 30). Since I am his campaign manager I take exception to your comments. You are right it is not the time for us to campaign and we have not fundraised or solicited campaign funds. We have not distributed or installed signs. We have not walked precincts or made phone calls. We haven’t handed out flyers or left door hangers. We haven’t even filed for the office yet because it is not time.

But, Mr. Mayor, we have held an announcement party for our friends and family to let them know my candidate’s intent, and that is to run for District 3 on MUSD’s school board.

Now if you are taking exception with the way The Tribune is reporting issues and using the term candidate so and so, I suggest you take it up with The Tribune. As for me and my candidate, we are very thankful that The Tribune will acknowledge and print current issues! I would think you as mayor would welcome the same but maybe I assume too much! So, Mr. Doud, it looks like you have another critic to help you with the paper. As for me and my candidate, we like it just the way it is.

Fran Wheat, Livermore campaign manager,

Maderan favors Farinelli in Dist. 3

I am very concerned with the continued downturn in our economy and the high unemployment in Madera County. Our elected leaders continue to expand the role of government and have increased our national debt to a level that our grandchildren can never repay.

I watch in amazement as our state and county officials promise fiscal responsibility and job creation, then do just the opposite. I am hoping that our elected representatives will share my concerns and start promoting job creation in Madera.

In the race for County Supervisor in District 3, Mr. Rick Farinelli seems to have a viable plan. He wants to limit benefits for board members, hold quarterly town hall meetings, and promote business, jobs, and an independent ombudsman.

Mr. Farinelli is a businessman and believes our county government has become too restrictive to the business community. He has pledged to make our county government more responsive to the people.

I have reviewed Mr. Farinelli’s plan and it makes sense. I have seen no plan from Mr. Svanda, only a slogan on his campaign signs.

Given the choice I will vote for Rick; he has a real goal for our county’s future. I hope voters in District 3 will do the same.

Priscilla Rippetoe,

After-school plans worry a citizen

On Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2011 assistant school superintendent Debbie Wood and director of categorical programs Marisa DiMauro were the first two people to speak, fearlessly supporting the request for direction in applying for an after-school programs grant. Ultimately, Madera Unified School District trustees, except for Mr. Cogdill, passed this item, preventing Madera County Office of Education from reapplying for the after-school program grant for the 2012-2013 school year.

In November of 2011, MUSD Superintendent Gustavo Balderas, in front of parents, reported that the after-school program in 2012-2013 would be at no charge to parents, have the same operating hours, look into hiring more than 200 employees who would lose their jobs with Madera County Office of Education, and pitched the idea of offering transportation for the kids.

Now with only 14 days of school left millions of dollars in grant monies (are in limbo or may have been denied) to Madera Unified School District, and Debbie Wood or Marisa DiMauro have not reached out to parents regarding next year’s after-school programs because there is no plan.

On May 10, I asked and suggested to Mrs. DiMauro that it would be in the best interest of the parents, 1,700 kids and 200 employees (who may be) without an after-school program for next year that this matter be on the agenda for the next scheduled board meeting on May 25. Mrs. DiMauro could not give an answer. Madera Unified School District continues to over promise and under deliver for the kids, parents, and staff.

Ron Montoya,

It makes one think

I just finished reading the AP film review for the movie “Dark Shadows.” The final paragraph, “PG-13 for comic horror, violence, sexual content, some drug use, language and smoking. 116 minutes.” Made me think, “Sounds like my last date.”

Jerry Kazynski,


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