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Letters from Adahi: greetings from Camp Adahi

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webmaster | 07/24/13

Dear Mom and Dad,

I am having lots of fun at camp. The weather has been a nice break from the Valley heat. Last night, we had our very first council fire. I love sitting around the campfire and singing songs. The moon was beautiful last night; it was so bright I didn’t even have to use my flashlight. I got to sleep beneath the stars because we don’t sleep in tents. It is amazing how many more stars are visible up here, away from the city lights and noise. The forest is truly beautiful at night (and it is so quiet).

This morning, I was woken up by the sound of chirping birds. Then, our very own camp radio, KAMP 4500, started to play. After a breakfast of bacon, muffins, cereal and fruit, I headed off to my first activity — creative arts. For this activity, we began with staining a piece of wood. Then, we traced a pattern (I did the letter “C”) and hammered nails around the design. I took some yarn and carefully wrapped it around the nails to create an awesome pattern. I can’t wait to enter my string art into the Madera fair.

The second activity I did was knots. I learned how to tie so many knots: a square knot, a granny knot, a highwayman’s hitch, a farmer’s loop, a fisherman’s knot, and a bottle sling. I can now make my own water bottle holder out of just a piece of rope.

After lunch (we had tacos; they were so good that I got seconds), I went to my last activity of the day, cooking. We cooked a whole meal over the fire. To do this, we made a pot out of tin foil, and put beans, onions, and hamburger inside of it. Then, we cut up lettuce, tomatoes, and grated cheese. We layered all of these ingredients on a bed of crushed tortilla chips and topped our “Mexicali Sali” with taco sauce. For dessert, we made pans using only a metal hanger and tin foil. We made biscuits, rolled them out, and cooked them on our pan. We topped our strawberry pizza with hot fudge and strawberries. This was my favorite part.

After all of this, my tribe and I decided to go to the creek during our camper time. We found some mini water slides, and I even dunked myself in the water; it was so cold.

Dinner was chicken, mashed potatoes, salad, fruit, and some delicious peach cobbler. I am stuffed. Council fire starts soon; my tribe and I had to come up with a “tribe song” to sing in front of the entire camp.

I keep hearing whisperings of something called the Apache games. It sounds like the Apache tribe hosts some sort of camp-wide game, the theme of which is a big secret.

I hope you are both doing well and not missing me too much. Tell my brothers I said “hi” and give the dogs a hug for me. Love you.


P.S. There are a lot of bugs and dirt here. Can you send some clean socks?


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