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Letters from Adahi: camp goes Disney with Apache Games

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webmaster | 07/20/12

By Cassie Niino

If you ask Camp Fire kids their favorite part about Tuesdays at Camp Adahi, they will probably say “the Apache Games!” Each year, the oldest tribe (or group of campers), the Apaches, put on a special activity — an afternoon filled with fun and games.

The entire camp gets mixed into multiple color groups, allowing for everyone to intermingle and get to know one another. This year, the theme of the games was “The Magical World of Disney” (it changes from year to year). The Apaches (soon to be high school freshmen) worked hard to plan a color group bonding game — the Main Street Parade.

Then, each of them ran a game completely on their own. This served as a chance for them to both gain and exhibit the leadership skills they will need next year as junior counselors.

The games began with the teams being told to represent a specific land within Disneyland. Even though they were given nothing other than instructions, each of them came up with amazing creations. They are the epitome of creating something out of nothing — Sleeping Beauty, Nemo and even the monorail visited Camp Adahi!

The teams then ate dinner together before proceeding to the camper-run games. Everyone — campers and staff — had laughs, cheered each other on, worked as a team, and created a song to be sung at council fire. The best part about the Apache Games is that it really brings the whole camp together; people from tribes on the opposite ends of camp become close as they work together toward a common goal.

The weather here is completely opposite of that in the Valley. Because the daytime is much cooler here, it gets very chilly at night, so warm, clean dry socks at bedtime have become a must! However, it is definitely a nice (and much appreciated) change from the Valley heat!

Tonight is the Apaches’ big Late Night Party. We will hike a little ways from camp to go celebrate our successful games. Food, music and fun will ensue as the Apaches laugh their way into the night. The Apache year is something that all of the younger campers look forward to because, then, they will be given the spotlight and have their time to shine.

The “talking trees” are yet another unique camp tradition. During a few nights over the course of the week, the trees, Doug Fir and Jeff Pine, come out of silence and literally talk to one another. They discuss the goings-on of camp and are always certain to mention the highlights of the week.

All in all, the first days of camp have been an absolute success. Everyone is having fun. So much, in fact, that we wish this week — and the good times that come with it — would never end.


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